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Intel Core i7 4960X EE CPU / Asus X79-Deluxe Motherboard Review

Sleeping Dogs started development as an original title, but was announced in 2009 as True Crime: Hong Kong, the third instalment and a reboot of the True Crime series.

As a result of the game’s high development budget and delays, it was cancelled by Activision Blizzard in 2011. Six months later, it was announced that Square Enix had picked up the publishing rights to the game, but the game was renamed Sleeping Dogs in 2012 since Square Enix did not purchase the True Crime name rights.


sleeping dogs

Our chart for Sleeping Dogs makes it seem that the 4960X may have a problem with its gaming performance. In reality, the difference between the two hexacore models’ performance is one-fifth of a frame per second, but the 4960X’s result got rounded down, while all of the other processors passed the point of rounding up.

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