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AMD sees sharp rise in CPU market share following 3rd Gen Ryzen launch

Since first launching the Zen architecture in 2017, AMD has been on a steady rise, consistently clawing back marketshare from Intel. The launch of Zen 2 and 3rd Gen Ryzen processors appears to have had the biggest impact, with a big jump in marketshare from Q2 2019 to Q3.

According to the latest statistics from PassMark, AMD began Q1 2019 with 23.10 percent marketshare versus Intel’s 76.80 percent. In Q2, those numbers largely stayed the same but in Q3, we are seeing a sharp rise for AMD and a dip for Intel, in large part thanks to the launch of 3rd Gen Ryzen. Currently, AMD sits at 31.90 percent marketshare while Intel sits at 68.10 percent.

The CPU Benchmark statistics only take x86 processors into account and disregards other chip architectures, so this is a very focused look at the market KitGuru readers are more likely to be interested in. These statistics also don’t take game consoles into account, so Xbox One and PS4 sales aren’t swinging the numbers. Another thing worthy of note is that these statistics take into account CPUs actually in use, not necessarily the overall number of CPUs sold.

Currently, we are awaiting the launches of 3rd Gen Threadripper, in addition to 10th Gen Intel desktop processors. With that in mind, there are still some major upcoming launches that could swing the numbers once again as we head towards Q4 2019.

KitGuru Says: Things seem to be going very well for AMD at the moment, with the RX 5700 series being positively received in addition to 3rd Gen Ryzen looking like a big success. Are any of you currently planning an upgrade to Ryzen, or will you be sticking with Intel?

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