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AMD Threadripper to hit retail on August 10th

Back in mid-June, KitGuru reported that AMD’s upcoming Threadripper CPUs would hit the market on the 10th of August, based on information from one of our reliable sources. Now, a second source has stepped in pointing towards a 10th of August retail date, while also providing some details on availability and whether or not there would be a pre-packaged cooler.

This time around, it is GDM with the scoop, claiming that initially, AMD had planned for a July 27th retail launch but had to push back a few weeks due to limited availability of Threadripper. This site also previously reported that Threadripper may be sold with a reference liquid cooler but that has since been retracted.

The new report also backs up our earlier scoop, pointing to an August 10th retail date for Threadripper at 2pm here in the UK, 6AM on the US West Coast, 9AM on the US East Coast and 10PM in Japan. Those of you planning to buy as soon as possible should be keeping an eye out on that date.

We do know that most major motherboard makers will be supporting AMD’s new X399 HEDT platform. However, back when Ryzen launched, motherboard availability was scarce for a few weeks. Hopefully we won’t see this repeated with Threadripper. If you want to read up on the specs, pricing and performance of AMD’s 12 core and 16 core CPUs, you can find all of that in our earlier coverage, HERE.

KitGuru Says: AMD has had great success with Ryzen so far, hopefully we will see that continue with the launch of Threadripper. I’ll be looking forward to checking out the reviews when they land. Are any of you currently planning on upgrading to Threadripper? Will you be going for the 12-core or the 16-core? 

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  • Charlie

    If I could fit it to an mATX motherboard and into a small portable box it would be a very interesting 16 core work station.

  • Volker

    An upgrade for my work station would be nice, but the threadripper is out side of my budget, I will go probably with a Ryzen Pro 1700x instead.

  • David Thiel

    Both sku Threadrippers at launch beat Intel’s best 12 core HEDT chip and it looks like even Intel’s 18 core will pale in comparison (due q1 ’18) as it has lower base clock. Yes, AMD is back!

  • Robert Jenkins

    I know. I was spooked for a while about ryzen following the fx trend of barely any small form factor like matx. I’d love a 16 core quadfire matx build.

  • Eastman

    Those TR4 motherboards are huge. I think I’m going to go for a ryzen ITX first and wait to see what other mobos will become available on Threadripper.

  • Neacsu Andrei

    What is a quadfire microATX?

  • Rev. Clint

    Quad crossfire… 2 pcie slots

  • XeviousDeathStar ✓ ˢᵐᵃʳᵗ ᵍᵘʸ

    Probably a μATX with two GTX Titan Zs or two Radeon Pro Duos for a total of 4 GPUs in two Slots on a tiny Motherboard.

    Good luck getting a Threadripper on such a tiny Motherboard, no room for 4 Sticks of Memory and definitely watercooled – he’s most likely joking but I won’t say it’s impossible.

  • XeviousDeathStar ✓ ˢᵐᵃʳᵗ ᵍᵘʸ

    Epyc starts at $400. It’s guaranteed to accept the 7nm Epyc next year and until 2020, so an upgrade is possible.

  • Neacsu Andrei

    The microATX standard is limited to 4 slots for expansion. I find it difficult to imagine that placing two dual-GPU boards results in an optimal choice.
    Some of the better single-GPU cards are 2.5 or 3-slot high. It’s not impossible, but highly unlikely even in a watercooled scenario.
    As for flex-cables and side-by-side cards, that’s not ideal either as it obstructs the airflow on the MB VRMs. Just for the sole reason that it can be done, does not mean it should be, or that it’s desirable to anyone wanting any reasonable performance. Just add the required power for a 4-GPU and 16-core CPU build, then imagine the necessary cooling inside a microATX case.

  • Alan Day

    The fact that the Threadripper package is so large for just a CPU leads me to believe
    that a liquid cooler, will indeed be included.

  • Banquos Ghost

    T-Ripper is the STOOL !!! I’m glad I waited because although Ryzen is a great value, T-Ripper has the MEATS !!……the savings vs. buying Intel will greatly offset the purchase of a 1080ti. Too bad Vega will be DOA. I guess Vega might work with 3 of them in a rig when you live in an IGLOO !!…and have a 3000 watts power supply !!!

  • Heatherlburgess

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  • Robert Jenkins

    Quadfire is having two dual gpu cards. 295×2 or pro duo. Hopefully a vega duo.

  • Robert Jenkins

    It may be possible. I mean matx boards have less pcie slots. That s most of the size reduction. I hope tr4 can be matx. It’s a dream. I hate atx size. It’s too big. Not space efficient for how much room I have.

  • Robert Jenkins

    What are you talking about. Modern dual gpu cards are water cooled. Comes standard. We aren’t going to be air cooling these. All heat will be exhausted out of the case. No recycling air. They messed to get the 295×2 with its 500 watt tdp using air cooling for vrms and ram and liquid for the gpu die. And they used a thin radiator. If they use the same radiator for the pro duo that should take care of both gpus and hbm. Vrms could be air cooled. Put all the air outside the case. Air or liquid cool the threadripper cpu. I’d probabaly liquid cool it. I currently have am air 240. I have two liquid cooler gpus in the front. I took out the hard drive cage and put a radiator back there for my cpu. Using the eisblock solo as my pump and res. Works very well. Also I have an ax1500i back there. The air 240 is like the best matx case ever. I’m expecting a 600 watt tdp for a dual vega. They should cool it similar to how they cooled the 295×2. Otherwise they’ll lower clock speeds which defeats the purpose to me.

  • XeviousDeathStar ✓ ˢᵐᵃʳᵗ ᵍᵘʸ

    Threadripper is made from Epyc CPUs:


  • Robert Jenkins

    something AMD just officially stopped supporting going forward this month. It was when u had dual gpu graphics cards. like a 295×2 and then u buy two of them…. its ridiculousness is what it is… glorious ridiculousness.

  • Neacsu Andrei

    You did not read my comment very carefully. I understand that you dream of a quad-gpu on two slots on a TR4 mATX build, but the heat output makes it impossible to cool to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    I run watercooled CPUs and GPUs, so I tell you from experience, not from dreams, that those don’t work properly in a mATX case.
    If you want a mATX motherboard to put in a supersized tower case for 1000W of cooling (200×4 GPUs + 200 CPU), then the whole argument of wasted space on a full ATX motherboard makes no sense.
    My impression is that you don’t understand how power hungry and heat outputting the dual-GPU boards are, and neither how much cooling Threadripper needs. It’s obvious that you never ran a single R9 295X, or you would now that it alone outputs more than 450W of heat. Good luck in placing two of those, their radiators+fans, that of the CPU (minimum 240mm), and a 1200W (minimum) PSU in a mATX case.

    That is my gripe with quad-crossfire + TR in a micro-ATX system.

  • Robert Jenkins

    Actually I do understand I’m running a fury x crossfire right now which has about 600 watts of heat. The advantage of liquid cooling is exhausting all air outside the case and not recycling any of it into the case. 295×2 quadfire in an Matx has already been done and dome well. The combined radiators for those equals a rather slim 240 rad. This was achieved by using a mix of air and liquid cooling so the liquid loop doesn’t take on the heat of the Vrms and ram. That all went into a heatsink and fan. Which is why I had planned to use alphacool nexxos blocks. That way my loop only carries the gpu and hbm heat but not the vrm. I’d be using 2 thick 240mm rads and one is probabaly enough for the gpus. The second should take care of threadripper as well at stock speeds. I’d also use a fan bracketed to blow air over both gpus to cause the heat sinks from them to cool off. The main technique is to make sure all air ends up outside the rig as best you can3 and not to overload your liquid loop. But they didn’t make 4 way crossfire viable anymore and threadripper won’t go matx. So oh well

    Also my matx case currently holds a 1500 watt psu. 3 radiators in it. Two 120 thick rads. And a single 240 thick rad. It’ll fit if u plan right and know your case.