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Another source claims Intel will launch X299 and Skylake-X at Computex

It looks like another source has come to light, claiming that Intel will now unveil its ‘Basin Falls’ platform at Computex this year. This new platform will encompass Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X and X299. As previously thought, this source claims that Intel is bringing the launch forward by a few months after mounting pressure from AMD’s Ryzen architecture, which will soon roll out to HEDT chips as well.

The initial report comes from DigiTimes, whose report claims that Basin-Falls will launch at Computex 2017, backing up earlier rumours which claiming that the launch had been moved forward from August.


According to the report, Skylake-X will contain three 140W SKUs, featuring six, eight and ten cores. Meanwhile, Kaby Lake-X will reduce the TDP to 112W and will apparently feature a quad-core SKU, which seems like an odd step, but could be connected to the new Core i7 CPU we heard whispers of earlier this year.

Aside from HEDT processors, the report also claims that 14nm Coffee Lake based CPUs and Z370 chipset will be coming by early 2018.

KitGuru Says: DigiTimes can be hit or miss with information at times, so take this with a pinch of salt. However, at this point, signs do seem to be pointing towards Computex for a new CPU launch from Intel.

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    I hope they wizen up and not only have a ‘cut-down’ 6-core, but also a ‘cut-down’ 8-core with slightly lower clockspeed and less PCIe lanes (amongst others) but also at 2/3rds of the price of the ‘full’ version. If they only have a new 8-core chip at $1000+, they’re not really giving amd something to worry about.

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  • WhiteSkyMage

    This report makes no sense. Intel was rumored to prepare a 12-core CPU for HEDT. They won’t beat Ryzen that easily with offering another 8-core for $1050 unless they have some crazy IPC on that. They will need to sell 8-core to 12-core CPUs for HEDT and for Coffeelake, they can bump the core count of i7 8700k to 6-core.

  • Rocky40

    What they need to do is drop that Kady-lake CPU on the x299 platform and center their Attention on the task at hand make something that is not Quad core for the mainstream market already. I am sorry but with AMD having 6 & 8 cores on the mainstream market they make the Intel Quad core CPU’s look so 2007 tech. Yes Kady-lake is faster in gaming but only because of the extra clock speed. Once the games get Ryzen updated code and the new games come right out of the gate with full Ryzen support that 7700K is going to look pretty stupid and slow when it is choking on 16 threads with only 4 cores to feed it.

    This updated release of the 2066 socket platform which is rumored to be coming months before it was intended is a response to AMD’s Ryzen chewing up Intel’s big boy CPU’s

    nothing more. I also find it funny they are releasing a quad core Kady-lake on the new socket. Some will say oh they had to planned this long before the Ryzen release yep they did when they most likely started hearing things through the grape vine about Ryzens spec’s and performance in most tasks.

    But do not kid yourself this Kaby0lake that is basically the same one that is out now is the same CPU it most likely has the same cores and the same iGPU but the iGPU laser cut to disable it and it slapped onto a new interface to match the 2066 socket. If it was a proper design that took a lot of time to get ready it would have support for quad channel memory and the extra PCI-E lanes just like the Sky-lake X has. This abortion of a CPU is Frankensteined together to get something out on the big socket that will draw people away from the Ryzen platform nothing more.

  • Joe Blasi

    Kaby Lake-X 16 pci-e will be joke

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