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Intel Broadwell-E specifications leak may reveal 10-core 20 thread CPU

Intel's Broadwell CPUs didn't really do too well on the desktop side and were quickly replaced with Skylake. However, that isn't stopping the chip maker from planning a Broadwell-E series of processors according to a new leak, which shows Intel's top offering coming with ten cores and twenty threads. These are the first specifications we have had for Broadwell-E, which will be based around the X99 platform.

The new flagship Extreme Processor will up the core and thread count from the 5960x, while also offering a stronger memory controller and higher power efficiency using the 14nm manufacturing process.


The Intel Core i7 6950x will work on current LGA 2011-V3 X99 motherboards and run at a base clock of 3.0GHz, though the turbo speed has apparently yet to be decided on. The leak itself first appeared on Chinese site, Xfastest, which obtained a graph from its own unnamed source, so for now, this information should be taken as rumour rather than fact.

At the moment, Broadwell-E is scheduled to release in the first half of 2016 at a similar price point to the current Haswell-E processors. Given the 6950x's increased core count, we should see a nice improvement in performance for multi-threaded applications. We will likely hear more next year as we get closer to release.

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KitGuru Says: X99 and Haswell-E have been quite popular amongst our readers. It will be interesting to see what Intel's increased core count can bring to the table. Are any of you running an Extreme edition CPU? Are you waiting on Broadwell-E next year?


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