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ASRock has also outed Intel’s 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU

It looks like we are gearing up to the official announcement of Intel’s Broadwell-E series of processors as motherboard maker ASRock has confirmed the new series of chips, including the 10-core 6950x Extreme Edition CPU. We have seen some leaks here and there over the last few months, with Broadwell-E …

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Intel’s 10-core i7-6950x Extreme Edition CPU outed early

It looks like details of Intel’s upcoming flagship Extreme Edition processor have hit the web a little earlier than intended as the Intel Core i7-6950X has been spotted on the change-log for Intel’s latest management engine software on its support site. The change-log entry gives away a few key details, …

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Intel to release Broadwell-E processors in Q2

While we have been hearing rumours surrounding Intel’s release of Broadwell-E, today we actually have something a bit more concrete. According to the patch notes of a recent Gigabyte X99 motherboard BIOS update, Intel will be launching Broadwell-E during Q2 this year- which covers April, May and June. Over on …

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Asus teams up with Samsung for X99 offer

Chances are that if you’re planning an X99 build, then you’re not too worried about money. However, it’s still worth shopping around for the best deal just in-case, right now Asus has teamed up with Samsung to offer customers up to £100 cash back if they purchase an Asus X99 …

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Asus reveals X99 range of motherboards

There has been an absolute flood of X99 news to announce today. Now we have our first look at the Asus range of motherboards, the X99-Deluxe, X99-Pro and X99-A with a new OC socket alongside exclusive five way optimisation technology. The X99-Deluxe is the flagship model, it comes with a …

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Gigabyte launches X99 series motherboards

Gigabyte has just launched its new motherboard lineup, based on the X99 chipset for Intel’s new Core i7 Extreme Edition CPUs. The new range comes in three categories, G.1 Gaming, SOC overclocking and the company’s signature “Ultra Durable” model. “Given this incredibly powerful platform from Intel, GIGABYTE wanted to make …

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