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Gigabyte launches X99 series motherboards

Gigabyte has just launched its new motherboard lineup, based on the X99 chipset for Intel's new Core i7 Extreme Edition CPUs. The new range comes in three categories, G.1 Gaming, SOC overclocking and the company's signature “Ultra Durable” model.

“Given this incredibly powerful platform from Intel, GIGABYTE wanted to make sure each one of our X99 series motherboards delivered that ‘WOW’ factor for our enthusiast customers,” commented Henry Kao, Vice President of Gigabyte's Motherboard Business Unit.

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These new motherboards will feature 25 per cent more bandwidth in the PCI Express lanes thanks to the onboard external clock generator combined with the direct connection of one of the x16 lanes to the CPU.

These motherboards will also feature M.2 technology to provide up to 20 Gb/s of bandwidth to an SSD and 4 channel DDR4 RAM support.

Pricing and availability information will be made available soon.

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KitGuru Says: Lots of motherboard announcements today. We already have several X99 reviews in the works so be on the look out for those. Are any of you guys interested in Intel's new Extreme Edition CPUs?

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