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Intel Cascade Lake-X UK pricing and availability revealed

Back in October, Intel officially introduced its Cascade Lake-X lineup of HEDT CPUs, with big price reductions compared to last generation. Reviews for the Intel Core i9-10980XE went live yesterday and now, availability is starting to come in, although there does appear to be some unfortunate differences between US and UK MSRP.

In our own review of the Core i9-10980XE, we noted that the processor will really prove its worth is to early adopters of the X299 platform, as you can now get the 18-core flagship chip at a similar price to the 10-core 7900X two and a half years ago. Currently, the Cascade Lake-X lineup is made up of the 10C/20T Core i9-10900X, the 12C/24T 10920X, the 14C/28T 10940X and then 18C/36T 1080XE.

Over in the US, MRSP prices are set starting at $590 for the 10900X and going up to $979 for the 10980XE. Availability and pricing for the UK has been announced today and unfortunately, the exchange rate hasn't been too kind to us this time around.

Available to pre-order starting today, the Core i9-10980XE will cost £1,099.99, the 10940X will be £839.99, the 10920X will be £728.99 and finally, the 10900X will be £599.99. These prices are higher than the US MSRP, although Intel's new HEDT series is still considerably cheaper compared to last year.

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KitGuru Says: This has been a big week for CPU news. We've now seen the results from the high core-count HEDT battle between AMD and Intel, what do you all think of the new CPUs and how they compare so far?

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