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Intel confirms 10nm Cannon Lake still coming 2017

The 10nm process has presented its fair share of technical difficulties for Intel. However, it looks like we should not expect any further delays to Cannon Lake, as this week Intel confirmed that we will see the first 10nm processors show up in PCs by the end of this year.

Cannon Lake was initially supposed to roll out in the second half of 2016 but Intel hit a roadblock while trying to shrink down transistors. After switching from the ‘tick tock’ release cycle to a new three step rollout plan for future CPU nodes, there was some speculation that Cannon Lake may also miss the end of 2017 but Intel has come out to squash that. As The Inquirer reports, at CES this week, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told journalists that Moore’s Law is still alive and well.

According to Intel’s CEO, the first 2-in-1 PC based on 10nm architecture would be releasing this year and no further delays are expected for Cannon Lake. We can expect these new 10nm processors to bring lower power consumption, better performance, lower thermals and better battery life for portable devices.

Obviously, unlocked desktop processors will take a bit longer to hit the market, similarly to how the first Kaby Lake processors hit OEM devices in late 2016 but we did not see the release of the Core i7 7700K and other desktop CPUs until this week.

KitGuru Says: While Samsung and Qualcomm will be beating Intel in the 10nm arms race with the Snapdragon 835 during the first half of this year, it looks like Intel won’t be hugely far behind. Are any of you currently waiting on 10nm and Cannon Lake to launch before upgrading? What CPU are you running at the moment

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  • WhiteSkyMage

    I guess it will be a great thing if they release a 10nm Cannonlake-E with 50% higher performance over my Haswell-E. It seems like I will wait a long while before upgrading. 🙂

  • Mike

    “KitGuru Says: While Samsung and Qualcomm will be beating Intel in the 10nm arms race with the Snapdragon 835 during the first half of this year, it looks like Intel won’t be hugely far behind.”


    How is a vastly inferior (practically just a 16nm part) 10nm transistor somehow considered to be BEATING intel? And beating them at what should be clarified cause they sure as poopey ain’t beating them on desktop processors! SO HAH!

    I bet their transistors aren’t even as good as kaby lake’s. Probably more transistors per millimeter on that intel chip vs the buttdragon chip!

    HOW DARE YOU FORSAKE THE NAME OF INTEL LIKE THIS! I AM TELLING ON YOU! Bill Gates is gonna punish you! GAH! I am soooo ANGRY! It’s gonna take a LOT of video games, soda, and potato chips, playing on my elitist PC master race custom gaming rig to calm me down after such an obviously anti intel biased piece of report work! BAH!!!

    This is THEE worst thing I have ever seen on this site… THEE WORST!

    The only reason I’ll be back is to ensure you don’t get away with such slander EVAR AGAIN!

  • FrankVVV

    The weird part is that one year later they will got back to 14nm for the new desktop CPU’s.

  • John Bain

    I genuinely can’t tell if this comment is satire or not. If it isn’t you need to roll a spliff and calm down my friend.

  • AMD Guru

    Are you just messing around or are you actually really mad? At first, I was going to tell you how BIAS you are, but then I just thought you was messing around.

  • Xajel

    Same as kabylake, the main highend will not launch in 2017, so.. delayed

  • Molbork

    Their 10nm process is equal to Intel’s 14nm process in 2014-5. Current Intel chips are on 14nm+ and are ahead by 1-3 years still.

  • AMD Guru

    While I would still say Intel has the best manufacturing process, GloFlo and TSMC are much closer than that. They understand what Intel is doing and are closer than 1 – 3 years away.

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  • lehpron

    Cannonlake is akin to Broadwell, it’s a shrink of an existing architecture, so guess where it’s going first? The popularity of a “Cannonlake-C” may not be there and thus might as well move us onto whatever is after just for the unlocked mainstream desktop processors. But I think the majority of Cannonlake in Client will be mobile, then of course Cannonlake-X/-EP/-EX will show up long afterwards.

  • lehpron

    It isn’t weird if you consider Intel has different codenames with similar prefixes for each segment that is on a different schedule. Therefore, if you expect all the codenames we read to be in the same segment, on a straight line, it would look weird.

    For instance, I’m sure like Broadwell, 10nm Cannonlake will debut mobile only while Coffeelake can still come after Kaby Lake in desktop at 14nm. There might be a “Cannonlake-C” desktop unlocked witha powerful IGP coming to the same chipset as Coffeelake, but it may suffer the same fate as Broadwell-C in terms of no popularity.

  • FrankVVV

    Well, that’s just it: it IS for the same segment. It will be the new desktop CPU.

  • Mike

    OH! I was TOTALLY Serious! Bill Gates is on the way RIGHT NOW to give KITGURU a much needed SPANKING! Then him and THEE DONALD are going to join forces and together they shall rule the universe as father and son.

    Always 2 there are…. a master and apprentice… but which one…. was the apprentice and which was the master? *cue spooky music*