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Intel’s new Core i9 Skylake-X lineup said to feature 18C/36T and 16C/32T CPUs

Update 2: Intel’s new Core-X CPU family has been made official. Intel made the announcement at Computex this morning, going into detail on the X299 platform and the benefits these new CPUs bring. You can read our report on that, HERE

Update: A few weeks back, we first caught wind of Intel’s plans for Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X in the form of new Core i9 and Core i7 CPUs. At the time, it was believed that the highest end CPU in the lineup would be the Core i9 7920X with 12 cores and 24 threads. However, since then, it appears that two more Core i9 CPUs have come to light, one with 16 cores and 32 threads and another with 18 cores and 36 threads.

This news comes just a week after AMD officially announced its upcoming Threadripper 16C/32T CPU for its upcoming HEDT platform. According to an exclusive report on Videocardz, the Core i9 7980XE will be Intel’s flagship chip for Skylake-X, with 18C/36T. Meanwhile the Core i9 7960X will be a 16C/32T chip. Unfortunately, clock speeds and other features are not currently listed. Here is a leaked presentation slide courtesy of Videocardz:

Original Story: We have been hearing rumours surrounding Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X CPUs from Intel for months now. However, the picture remained unclear and somewhat confusing to follow. Fortunately, some new information has now come to light, indicating that Skylake-X will arrive as a batch of HEDT Core i9 processors later this year, while Kaby Lake-X will carry the Core i7 name.

Up to this point, Intel’s Core i7 branding has carried across a broad range of CPUs, blurring the line between mainstream chips like the 6700K and HEDT parts like the 6900K. According to a leak over on the Anandtech forum, this will be changing this year, with the introduction of the Core i9 series. This new lineup will contain Intel’s upcoming Skylake-X CPUs, ranging from the 6C/12T Core i9 7800X up to the 12C/24T Core i9 7820X.

For the mainstream, Intel will be launching two new Core i7 CPUs, the Core i7-7740K and the Core i7-7640K

Here is a list of each of the rumoured CPUs and the details we have on them so far:

Processor Cores/Threads L3 Cache PCIe Lanes Base Clock Turbo Clock 2.0 Turbo Clock 3.0 Launch
 Core i9-7920X  12C/24T  16.5MB  44  TBD  TBD TBD August
 Core i9-7900X  10C/20T  13.75MB  44  3.3GHz  4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
 Core i9-7820X  8C/16T  11MB  28  3.6GHz  4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
 Core i9-7800X  6C/12T  8.25MB  28  3.5GHz  4.0GHz N/A June
 Core i7-7740K  4C/8T  8MB  16  4.3GHz  4.5GHz N/A June
 Core i7-7640K  4C/4T  6MB  16  4.0GHz  4.2GHz N/A June

This is a good start to clearing up the confusion surrounding Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X. Though I do think the Kaby Lake-X name is still a tad confusing, given that one of these CPUs is a cut down 7700K, while the other is a slightly improved one. With that in mind, now is as good a time as any to remind everyone that these are still rumours. While this particular leak seems promising, we have no way of verifying its legitimacy.

KitGuru Says: This is certainly the most promising leak we have seen so far but so far, the claims are unverified. That said, we don’t have long to wait to get the full story, with Computex kicking off in two weeks time, coupled with Intel’s appearance at E3. 

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  • Rocky40

    “Core i7-7640K

    Now that’s some funny stuff right there branding a i5 a i7 like wow Intel now I have seen everything. Then again they do the same thing on the mobile make a i3 a i5 or worse a i7 with dual core 2/4 and people think oh look a i7 it’s the best I will buy it. This is really sad & this is what happens when there is very little competition in a market. I would have thought with AMD’s Ryzen being out there now that Intel would stop trying to pull the wool over peoples eye’s.

    But then again this rushed kaby-lake X stuff seems like a direct response to the Ryzen because Intel knows kaby-lake has enough core mhz speed to do great in games that are out now and is hedging their bets to make sure AMD does not over take them on the 2066 socket in the games. I am not a AMD fanboy I don’t own any AMD CPU’s at all just 4 Graphics cards from them. I do know my next CPU will be AMD once Ryzen 2 comes out as I am tired of these little Intel games they like to play.

  • Danilo Bojic

    I wonder how many thousands of dollars they’re gonna price this at

  • CnM

    So basically you paired your intel processor with an AMD graphics card? Don’t pretend to be Mr. Knowitall if you can’t build a proper rig.

  • Weston Konik

    I estimate it at possibly $2,500

  • Rocky40

    LOL What does pairing a AMD Graphics card with a Intel CPU have to do with anything? I happen to like both companies each has their own great products. I also like Nvidia graphics cards but this time around I chose to go AMD graphics card next time who knows. My system is fast enough and plays the games just fine.

  • Владан Аранђеловић

    I think its misstype. i5-7640k from 7600. Cos i7-7740k is from 7700. So basically high and k version gets revision.

  • poldo

    you know your a good builder when you can pair intel cpu with AMD gpu card or AMD cpu with Nvidia card. people nowadays still Stereotype with intel cpu and nvdia combo. -_-