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MSI Z370 motherboards will get a BIOS update to support Intel 9th Gen

While rumours have already begun pointing towards an incoming Intel 9th Gen processor launch, the company has yet to fully confirm its plans. However, we can expect the announcement very soon as MSI has already begun updating its Z370 motherboards with support for the Core-9000 series.

While we are used to needing to pick up new motherboards when a new generation Intel processor launches, those on Z370 should be able to just drop a new 9th Gen processor in after a BIOS update. MSI plans to support 15 of its Z370 motherboards in total.

The news was initially spread via the MSI website, but the post was swiftly taken down. Fortunately, we already have the full list of Z370 motherboards with 9th Gen CPU support (via AnandTech):

  • MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming.
  • MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC.
  • MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon.
  • MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC.
  • MSI Z370M Gaming Pro AC.
  • MSI Z370 Krait Gaming.
  • MSI Z370 SLI Plus.
  • MSI Z370 Tomahawk.
  • MSI Z370-A Pro.
  • MSI Z370-OC Pro.
  • MSI Z370 PC Pro.
  • MSI Z370M Mortar.
  • MSI Z370 Gaming M5.
  • MSI Z370 Gaming Plus.
  • MSI Z370 OC Gaming.

Intel is expected to announce its 9th Gen processors later this month. We’ve already had a leak for the Core i9-9900K, but roadmaps suggest we’ll also see a Core i5-9600K and a Core i7-9700K. There is one caveat worth mentioning when it comes to Z370 support. The language from MSI noted that “next-gen six-core CPU support” would be available on Z370, indicating that higher core count processors (like the 9900K) may be reserved for Z390.

KitGuru Says: I’m currently running a Z370 board and a Core i7-8700K, so I’m not planning on upgrading soon. Still, it is nice to know that motherboard makers are planning to support at least some 9th Gen CPUs on Z370. Are any of you planning a new PC build? Are you holding out for new processors from Intel? 

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