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KitGuru TV: Intel Broadwell, Skylake and Air versus Water Cooling

Where is Intel Broadwell? Hardware Editors Leo Waldock and Luke Hill discuss Broadwell which is due to be replaced by Skylake in a few months’ time. The snag is that Intel hasn’t yet released the laptop and desktop versions of Broadwell so the clock is ticking. Or is it tocking?

This means that right now desktop LGA1150 and Extreme LGA2011 are using the same generation of technology, although that happy state of affairs won’t last much longer.

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The 4th Gen. Haswell CPUs could be tricky to cool when you started overclocking, although the revised Devil’s Canyon sorted things out nicely.

Talking points:

  • Intel Broadwell and Skylake
  • Haswell and Devil’s Canyon
  • LGA2011
  • Liquid cooling for GPUs as well as CPUs

Cooling is a particular bugbear for reviewers who spend their lives testing hardware, so Leo and Luke have strong views on the subject. Liquid cooling is superb and the sooner we have liquid cooled graphics cards the better, at least on the high end models. Naturally Luke advocates liquid cooling so he can overclock his graphics card(s) even higher, but that’s the sign of a true enthusiast.

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