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MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX Review (w/ 4770k / HD7990 / 2,933mhz DDR3)

The main OC panel is where you will start your overclocking adventures. Everything is accessible from a single sub panel menu which we like.
The first course of action is to load the Corsair memory XMP profile, as the BIOS will initially default to a ‘safe’ 1,333mhz speed. We set this first and reposted to ensure stability. No problems and a good start.
The default settings for the Core i7 4770k, shown above.
Inside the CPU menu we can change the 1,2,3 and 4 Core Ratio Limits.
We already know our particular Intel Core i7 4770k sample is limited to 4.5ghz at around 1.225 volts. Getting the system stable at 4.7ghz or higher requires between 1.3 and 1.35 volts which pushes the 4770k temperatures to between 90c and 105c. Not ideal, certainly not long term anyway. We could get a post with the MSI board at 4.9ghz, but the voltage was too high to be usable. We either need to get another sample, or use more extreme ways of cooling.

A very small percentage of our audience will own anything better than a Noctua NH D14, or Corsair H100i however.

We have chatted with system builders in the last week and they are finding huge variance between samples – some are only stable at 4.2ghz – others up to 4.9ghz. Due to this however they are opting for safe system speeds between 4.2ghz and 4.4ghz. If you have a 3770k that can overclock to 4.8ghz or higher it will easily compete on a performance level with the 4770k at these speeds.
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