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Steve Tyson gives an exclusive interview about cloud gaming

On a small scale, many of us have seen nVidia's GRID gaming in action – in the guise of Shield. The principal is simple: Centralise the hardcore processing and provide entertainment to users on (almost) any device they wish to use. Steve Tyson is the Cloud Gaming guru for Supermicro and we were lucky enough to get him into the KitGuru studio to discuss his company's plans for the future.

Steve has a long history of successfully helping game-related products into the market. Examples include  his work with Metrowerks, Freescale and Motorola on compiler/debugging solutions which were used by Nokia in its wireless products, as well as being a VP for Phonetic Arts (before it was acquired by Google), a company that developed speech synthesis technology for game development.

We've heard a lot about HP and Dell's involvement in GRID gaming, but an extensive search of their sites revealed no products.

The same search on Superrmicro's site reveals not only complete ‘Ready To Go‘ hardware, but also that Supermicro has been running extensive GRID sampling programmes for serious customers who want to evaluate the opportunity for themselves.

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KitGuru says: Right now, there are too many niggles outside of nVidia/Supermicro control – namely communication dropouts that ISPs etc will cause. That said, as the networks get faster and faster, random lag will reduce and the market opportunity for this kind of solution will grow. Also on Supermicro's side is the advent of Pascal in 2016 and future evolutions of nVidia's graphics architecture. 

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