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AMD: Future GPUs will significantly boost performance in 4K resolutions

Even though modern graphics cards are powerful enough to play the majority of video games in ultra HD resolutions, two modern graphics cards are usually required to play all the latest video games in 4K (3840*2160) ultra-high-definition resolution with all graphics effects enabled. AMD believes that the forthcoming graphics chips will significantly improve performance in high resolutions and one GPU will be enough to enjoy titles in UHD mode.

“Ultimately, the evolution of GPU horsepower is the biggest factor in driving 4K forward,” said Robert Hallock, head of global technical marketing at AMD, in an interview with GamingBolt web-site. “Graphics being such an important part of our business, of course, you can count on great progress on that front as the years wind on.”

At present only elite enthusiasts play in 4K resolutions partly because UHD displays are still pretty expensive. Moreover, far not all gamers can afford several high-end graphics cards. AMD’s upcoming graphics adapter – the Radeon R9 380X – will feature 4096 stream processors as well as 4GB of high-bandwidth memory with up to 640GB/s bandwidth. Increased GPU horsepower and increased memory bandwidth will significantly improve performance in 4K resolution.


“If you think back to the launch of the AMD Radeon R9 290X, our graphics card marked arguably the first time anyone could reasonably expect to play games at 4K on a single GPU,” said Mr. Hallock. “Sure, there were some games that needed two for peak image quality, but one was and is pretty solid for the majority of titles. We were also the first company to offer full support for 4K SST displays in our driver.”

While it is clear that increased performance of upcoming high-end graphics processing units will make single-GPU 4K gaming a reality, it is completely unclear when performance mainstream graphics solutions will be able to provide decent amount of performance for UHD gaming.

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KitGuru Says: Display resolutions have been increasing throughout the history of personal computers, therefore, UHD is the future of all displays and the future of PC gaming.

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