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AMD readies ‘Greenland’ graphics processor

Advanced Micro Devices is working on a new graphics processing unit code-named “Greenland”, which will be released next year. The new graphics chip will replace code-named “Fiji” GPU and will be AMD’s flagship graphics solution in 2016.

Nothing particular is known about the forthcoming Radeon graphics processor, except its code-name. Fudzilla reports that the graphics processing unit will support second-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM). It is also likely that the new GPU will support DirectX 12 tier 3 implementation, OpenGL 4.5 or better as well as Vulkan application programming interfaces. The GPU will belong to the “Arctic Islands” family of products.

At present it is unknown whether the “Greenland” GPU will be based on the GCN [graphics core next] or post-GCN architecture. Previously AMD implied that in 2016 it will offer a radically new GPU design.


Given the availability timeframe of AMD Radeon “Greenland” graphics processor, it is logical to expect that it will be made using 14nm process technology at GlobalFoundries or 16nm manufacturing technology at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

The code-named “Greenland” graphics processor will compete against Nvidia Corp.’s code-named “Pascal” GPUs, such as GP104 or GP100.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: Full DirectX 12 implementation, HBM2 memory and 14nm fabrication process… This GPU promises to be a great performer! Unfortunately, we have no idea whether it will be made available early in 2016 or towards the end of the year.

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