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Demand for Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X is unexpectedly high

Even though Nvidia Corp.’s latest high-end graphics card costs more than its predecessors in Europe, demand for the graphics adapter is surprisingly high. According to a German retailer, customers are getting more GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards than previous-generation products of the same class.

“The demand exceeds the available [hardware],” said a spokesperson of CaseKing.de in an interview with ComputerBase web-site. “We have already [sold] impressive numbers and we are getting new [GeForce GTX Titan X] to the warehouse.”

Mind Factory, another reseller from Germany, confirmed that sales figures of the GeForce GTX Titan X are higher than shipment figures of the original GeForce GTX Titan.


The GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card is 30 – 50 per cent faster than Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, but it costs nearly two times more than the latter. People who buy graphics cards like the GeForce GTX Titan X get it because it delivers impressive performance in ultra-high-definition resolution (e.g., 3840*2160).

Nvidia’s flagship GeForce GTX Titan X graphics processing unit features 3072 stream processors, 192 texture mapping units, 96 raster operations pipelines and 384-bit memory bus. The graphics card features 12GB of GDDR5 memory.

The official manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the GeForce GTX Titan X in the United Kingdom is £879, which is around $1300. Due to different taxes in Eurozone countries, the GeForce GTX Titan X costs starting from €1149 in Germany, €1199 in France, Spain, Holland and Belgium, €1249 in Italy and the Baltic states as well as €1269 in Finland.

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KitGuru Says: It is rather surprising that demand for the GeForce GTX Titan X exceeds supply in certain cases. On the other hand, there were reports that demand for Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980 was so high that some retailers increased prices of such graphics cards. It will be very interesting to learn about demand for AMD’s forthcoming flagship Radeon R9 390X graphics card. The graphics solution promises to offer very high performance in 4K UHD resolution while costing “only” about $700. But will demand for it exceed that of the Titan X? Only time will tell.

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