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Nvidia drops prices of GeForce GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti. But not for Europe

In an unexpected move, Nvidia Corp. reconsidered recommended pricing of its graphics cards following the introduction of its GeForce GTX 980 Ti early on Monday. Unfortunately, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be considerably more expensive in Europe than in the U.S.

Nvidia will sell GeForce GTX 980 Ti for $649 in the U.S., not $799 as reported last week citing an online store. In addition, the company will lower the price of the GeForce GTX 980 to $499 from $549. The cost of the GeForce GTX 970 will remain at $329, whereas the GeForce GTX 960 will retain its recommended retail price at $199.

While the MSRP of both GeForce GTX 980 Ti and GeForce GTX 980 seems to be very competitive in the U.S., the same cannot be said about the prices in Europe. The official manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti for the U.K. is £549 including value added tax (VAT), which is $752. The MSRP of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti for Eurozone is €739 – €749 ($824 – $835), depending on the country, which is considerably higher compared to the price in the U.S.


The reason why Nvidia decided to set the price of its new GeForce GTX 980 Ti so high in Europe is completely unclear. The price of Nvidia’s single-chip flagship – GeForce GTX Titan X – has been declining and gamers with unlimited budgets will prefer to get the top-of-the-range solution even though it is more expensive.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti is based on the GM200 graphics processing unit with 2816 stream processors, 176 texture mapping units, 96 raster operations pipelines and 384-bit memory bus. The new graphics cards carry 6GB of GDDR5 memory operating at 7GHz.


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KitGuru Says: Nvidia’s prices for Europe continue to disappoint. First, Nvidia made its GeForce GTX Titan X considerably more expensive in the European Union compared to the U.S. This time the price of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti in some European countries is nearly $200 higher compared to the MSRP of the product in the United States.

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  • Matt Booth

    Did NVidia at least use lube before going in on us EU customers?

  • Simon Foex

    So i’ll just buy it from america and import it in france…

  • James Brand

    Its the same as always Typical Fucking Nvidia Greed they have always charged a £80-£160 price premium of the comparable ATI/AMD Card, I was considering replacing my 2 Watercooled R9 290’s with a single 980Ti but if this is their attitude towards its EU and UK customers They can fuck right off I’ll just get a 390X or a fury instead.

  • Jomari

    same here in the Philippines its about 37k PHP

  • Tonči Jukić

    This is so much fun and a reason to avoid them.

  • Mads-Ejnar Kehlet

    Reason why is simple but sad. They do it because they can. Nvidia have over 75% market share so they can do what they wont because they basic don’t have any compaction right now.
    I really hope the AMD 390 will kick butt, This will be great for all the AMD fan boys out there and great for all Nvidia fan boys because this will force Nvidia to lower the prices 🙂 So all need and should hope for the 390 to kick butt 🙂

  • valgarlienheart .

    Not sure how it works there but customs in the UK will get hold of it and charge the vat, you may be able so save a little bit but taking warranties into account is not worth the effort

  • Saba

    just contact the seller and ask them to mark it as a gift under £35 most actually do, then you wont have to pay vat or custom duties.

  • faust404

    Good. Teach them greedy europeans a lesson. Europe have the most retarded VAT system and government policies against foreign companies. Take that EU!

  • Mexor

    Using current exchange rate for $650 and then adding in the VAT comes to 508 GBP. The suggested retail price is 550 GBP, which is about 8% higher. If I go to Amazon UK and compare AMD cards there with similar cards on Amazon US, after converting to pounds and adding VAT for the US cards the UK cards seem to be priced more than 8% higher than the US cards. So I don’t see what the hullabaloo is.

  • Demon Highwayman

    Nothing about this statement is true apart from – “Europe have the most retarded VAT system and government policies”

    It’s not “good”

    Not all Europeans are “greedy”

    The “retarded VAT system and government policies” are directed just as much towards our own EU countries and companies.

    In the end its always the consumer that feels the hurt, not the politicians or companies.

  • slim

    Does not work any more UK

  • doublemeehhh!!

    Anton Shilov:

    You are a ignorant, Do you write about prices of EU without any idea about this market?

    The Euro/dollar conversion is around 1.09 $ – 1 €. In europe the VAT is massive with a >20% in almost all the countries.

    So, if you take the MSRP for USA (without VAT) and translate this to the european market (all the prices are with VAT included):

    1.- 650 dollars –> 596 euros. Without VAT.

    2.- 596 euros * 1.21 (typical VAT in many countries for this type of product) == 721.56 euros with VAT. The table of prices that you “revealed” is with VAT, sir.

    So, please, don’t lie and don’t invent fake “news”, the list of european MSRPs is the translate of the MSRP of USA.

  • Squaz

    I have things sent over from the US alot, nothing. You’re doing it wrong.

  • Strong dollar is the reason. Dollar will only keep on going up within the next few years. Plus Europe has lots of taxes. I buy tax free from newegg USA.

  • Grzegorz Wereszko

    Well said. Taxes here in EU are murder

  • Daniel

    They don’t make the price fool. The market makes the price.

  • Kheigen


  • Kheigen

    Really, stop accusing NVIDIA of doing what they and AMD do as bad…which being in the business of making money. And as one intelligent person already commented to you, the market sets the price. NVIDIA or AMD for that matter, charges what we as consumers are willing to pay. I don’t really care that you’re an AMD fan boy. I mean who cares. Buy just stop with the NVIDIA hate and pure lack of civility.

  • Necromonger

    Was looking for a evga 980Ti hybrid but 900 euro it is a big nono.

    Titan X cose to 1200 euro, seriously wth is this ?

  • BananaofTruth

    Why are you using the American MSRP as base? That price includes profit, logistics along with taxes for transport from manufacturing(China) to America, stocking fee and other operation costs within America. What this means is, you should be calculating your countries’ VAT over a known figure, not some MSRP that you’ve assumed to be reference. Subtracting a ~50USD from America’s MSRP might give you a more reference figure for your base. Doing the same calculations you performed on a base of USD 600, you’d get 644.472 Euros with VAT. Not 721.56 euros.

    The author is right when he said, “The reason why Nvidia decided to set the price of its new GeForce GTX 980 Ti so high in Europe is completely unclear.”. He hasn’t invented anything, neither us or him knows the reason.

    The irony here is that, it is you who’s ended up inventing something “fake”. You tried to rationalize a reason from a given effect(the release prices), but in doing so you’ve hit two biases. 1) Base Rate Fallacy – American MSRP is not the cost to manufacturer + margin profit. 2) Backfire effect, a confirmation bias. Given how you’re used to everything generally being more expensive in your country due to a 20% VAT, you tried to fit this causation to an observed effect without considering any other possible explanations.

  • Mister No

    This is disgusting, i was just about to buy GTX 970, when the seller informed me that besides excluding gifts and bonuses from future purchases (Witcher 3, Batman codes, Far cry 4 mouse-pad etc..) they are raising prices, for 30-40 Bucks..

    Really ?? What’s next? Removing back-plates and selling them separately for 200 bucks a piece..?

    So i canceled my order. Now i am not gonna buy it at all…

  • Irishgamer Gamer

    Yip thats y i am not buying…….

  • Robert Tenty Ashford

    Only makes the upcoming AMD reveal all the more interesting and that’s coming from an Nvidia fan. This is a stupid move on Nvidia’s part, giving AMD an opportunity to gain massive popularity in the EU (in my humble opinion).

  • Tom A

    No, it’s because the EU operates a common market and levies massive charges on outside market imports.

  • Tom A

    It happens with every single consumer electronic device. The reason why is because the EU common market sets enormous tariffs on imported products. Want cheaper prices? Vote ‘out’ in the referendum.

  • Tom A

    Depends on whether your seller is listed or suspicious. My package got stopped just the other day as I was importing airsoft stuff and they have the seller listed for inspections.

  • Tom A

    VAT’s used to pay for important social services, like free health care at the point of use. Laugh all you want, but when you get renal cancer, and your health insurance won’t pay out, I’ll be the having the last laugh.

  • James Brand

    Ha well if it ain’t a Nvidia fanboy trying to defend another dumb Nvidia decision.

    If they can afford to drop the price in murica then they can afford to drop it here.the reason they don’t is because apologists like you and Ryan shrout continue to make excuses for their anti consumer practices and general dishonesty

  • Dregomz

    Sure because free health care gonna cure our cancer lol, just 1% of people beats cancer with chemotherapy.

  • Seent1983

    < col Hiiiiiii Friends…——–.???? ?++der++ < see full info='……..''


  • parasemic

    But the dollar isn’t strong? It’s the euro going down to the pathetic levels of dollar

  • Tom A

    1%? WTF do you live, Zimbabwe?

  • Fernando Ortiz

    Actually dollar is strong against the basket of currencies(including Euro).


    Strongest level in at least 10 years for the US Dollar. Dollar is going up because the Federal Reserve stopped QE(Quantitative Easing) and will raise rates, while central banks around the world including ECB(European central bank), BOE(Bank of Japan) and others are doing QE and even increasing it while keeping interest rates at record lows.

  • Keegan Dent

    If you don’t like it, stop living on a socialist continent that charges absurd import and sale taxes. Don’t whine just because you’re poor eurotrash.

  • In my opinion I will never spend at least more than $150 on a graphic cards…

  • Jay

    Sorry just remind me where all you “Americans” actually originated from, if you go way back, im pretty sure you’re not native American now are you?

    As for poor? why is the £ > $ ?

    Whats the name of the language you are speaking/writing/reading?

    Thank you and good night x

  • THB101

    You completely missed the point of the explanation… Considering Nvidia is based in the USA MSRP would be based in the US. Tax is heavy in the EU if you want to blame someone blame your countries and yourself for passing high VAT tax laws. The basis behind the price is MSRP not the discount you predict to get. Don’t get me wrong I feel for you tremendously I also agree with the explanation as to why it costs so much in the EU. Taxing is completely different compared to the US states. BTW when calculating sales prices as a consumer you probably shouldn’t try to calculate the transport and profit pricing. They are a for profit company and thus they would like to make money. If you have a 20 % VAT tax Nvidia probably isn’t going to pay it for you.

  • Frank and beans

    Then you should quit PC gaming and go back to console.

  • Daniel Learmouth

    It’s not like we chose to live here at birth?
    Also, the British pound is stronger than the US dollar. So we’re totes living on an island in a poor continent.

  • Daniel Learmouth

    This didn’t really need to be an article…
    It’s import tax. That’s it.

  • Heavy gamers always need to upgrade their graphic cards every couple of years and it’s not worth it to pay more than $150 on a graphic cards. Many people have been scammed by this companies….

  • Saba

    I bought my 290x and told him to mark it as a gift under £20, nothing happened and i received it quick with zero problems, also EVGA give global warranties so it doesnt matter where you buy it, you get the same warranty

  • Tom A

    Interesting…how much was the final price then, with shipping, and how much did you save? Also, which vendor did you use?

  • Saba

    I ended up paying £200 the same price i paid at the beginning, are deal was £180 +£20 postage, current time when I bought it the gpu was going for £330 on ebay sometimes 350, all on ebay by a private seller.

  • You should buy a R9 290, it performs the same, is cheaper and has 4GB of fast vram whereas the 970 has only 3.5 GB (+ 0.5 slow GB). The only downside being it require more wattage than a 970 and produce more heat.

  • Mister No

    Yes, you are absolutely right, R9 is a cheaper card, and offers almost the same performance, but 970 is more future proof, and since Mantle has been discontinued, i can’t find many reasons why should i buy R9 290..

    I’ll just wait for a while, prices will inevitably go down, and I’ll probably buy it in 2 or 3 months 100 bucks cheaper.. Witcher 3 can wait 😉


    nvidia customer of 15 years …soon to be amd!!!!

  • γιαννης

    people really seem not to understand what mantle became

    mantle has changed name to vulkan (future api that will replace opengl)
    and the core of mantle is on dx12 and so on so it will be a very good future proof card untill the next version of dx (not the dx12.1 but after that)

  • Mister No

    I understand what Mantle has become i just prefer nvidia over amd… So does every game developer… That’s what i meant when i said “future-proof”

  • Đenan Hajrović

    nvidia the ea of the pc hardare world.. bah

  • Frosty Mug O’ Beer

    You sir, are a tard.

  • evolucion8

    well, if that was certainly true, why the GTX 780 is being matched by the R9 280X? Developers when they make DX11 games, they can’t see the hardware underneath that thick layer of software, is up to nVidia to optimize the drivers. Kepler and Maxwell are very reliant on compiler optimizations on a per app basis to feed the GPU cores, AMD on the other hand, mimicks nVidia Fermi and has built in scheduler that increases the GPU utilization. That is why, the venerable R9 280X, a card that matched the GTX 680 in its form of the HD 7970, now is even faster than the GTX 770. the R9 290. a card that once matched the GTX 780 is now on the heels of the GTX 970, the R9 290X, a card that used to underperform the GTX 780 Ti, is almost on the leagues of the GTX 980. AMD architecture ages better than nVidia hardware.

  • Mister No

    Like i said, i just prefer nVidia over AMD. nVidia cards are better and that’s the fact, there is a reason why AMD cards are cheaper.. Now we can talk about it for days, but you can’t convince someone to like red color if he likes blue or orange.. It’s just matter of preference, i didn’t say that AMD graphics are bad, i just don’t like them..

  • evolucion8

    So makes sense paying $3,000 for a slower Titan-Z over a faster R9 295X2 $1,500 ? I won’t convince you and now that you said that nVidia is better cause is more expensive, I will just walk away slowly with a big grin and waving good bye lol

  • Mister No

    You are obviously immature. If you like AMD – good for you, but I don’t like it and i don’t care what you think. Besides nobody mentioned Titan, we are talking about high prices of nVidia GTX 980/980 ti and 970..

  • evolucion8

    Is more inmature thinking that overpaying for hardware means that is better, that elitist attitude says a lot.

  • Mister No

    Money’s not an issue, i buy what i like…

  • evolucion8

    Yeah right, and yet you call people poor cause they don’t buy what you can’t buy LOL

  • Mister No

    Yeah right..

  • evolucion8

    Look what appeared here, the fanboy that says that quality pays LOL

  • Ed

    nVidia 980…not ti version…is still way over 500 US dollars…this is ridiculous…it only 15-20% faster at best than a 290x and costs 40 % more…

  • Giordano Senzacognome

    You are in my same conditions but… reversed: I prefer Amd over Nvidia. Isn’t for money, cost or other, but i like that instead of other. Performance ? Don’t care… Latest 4 nvidia card i buy new was 2 7950gx2 (Same years ago). After that i’ve used all Amd

  • Mister No

    I know right, old habbits die hard 🙂

  • Mister No

    I know right, old habits die hard 🙂

  • AshleyOwns

    OK why is gtx 680 Ti in the USA £416.68 And over a hundred pounds More To purchase in the UK £549 ?

  • jeffrey Jones

    Unless you have free electricity, this wattage difference comes down to about 20-30 bucks per year for heavy gamers. In 4 years time, your AMD card costs 100 bucks more so it’s an illusion that they are cheaper. Nvidia cards also last longer because you can not cook an egg on their backplates when they run at full power. I am no fanboy and I would like to see AMD offer some serious competition but I’d take a 3.5 GB Vram 970 over a 4 GB Vram R9 290 any day of the week.

  • JoeD

    Ah, a future welfare recipient.

  • Mister No

    I kinda doubt that, but I guess anything is possible 🙂

  • Mister No

    Lol.. I didn’t call anyone “poor”.. You read someone else’s post you plonker..

  • evolucion8

    Nope, just your immature posts that make me laugh.

  • Mister No

    Apparently it’s not hard to make you laugh..

  • evolucion8

    I am always in a good mood 😀

  • John Doe

    Another Ameritard , move along folks nothing to see here.