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Nvidia drops prices of GeForce GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti. But not for Europe

In an unexpected move, Nvidia Corp. reconsidered recommended pricing of its graphics cards following the introduction of its GeForce GTX 980 Ti early on Monday. Unfortunately, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be considerably more expensive in Europe than in the U.S.

Nvidia will sell GeForce GTX 980 Ti for $649 in the U.S., not $799 as reported last week citing an online store. In addition, the company will lower the price of the GeForce GTX 980 to $499 from $549. The cost of the GeForce GTX 970 will remain at $329, whereas the GeForce GTX 960 will retain its recommended retail price at $199.

While the MSRP of both GeForce GTX 980 Ti and GeForce GTX 980 seems to be very competitive in the U.S., the same cannot be said about the prices in Europe. The official manufacturer’s suggested retail price of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti for the U.K. is £549 including value added tax (VAT), which is $752. The MSRP of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti for Eurozone is €739 – €749 ($824 – $835), depending on the country, which is considerably higher compared to the price in the U.S.


The reason why Nvidia decided to set the price of its new GeForce GTX 980 Ti so high in Europe is completely unclear. The price of Nvidia’s single-chip flagship – GeForce GTX Titan X – has been declining and gamers with unlimited budgets will prefer to get the top-of-the-range solution even though it is more expensive.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti is based on the GM200 graphics processing unit with 2816 stream processors, 176 texture mapping units, 96 raster operations pipelines and 384-bit memory bus. The new graphics cards carry 6GB of GDDR5 memory operating at 7GHz.


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KitGuru Says: Nvidia’s prices for Europe continue to disappoint. First, Nvidia made its GeForce GTX Titan X considerably more expensive in the European Union compared to the U.S. This time the price of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti in some European countries is nearly $200 higher compared to the MSRP of the product in the United States.

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