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U.S. ITC to investigate Samsung’s complaints against Nvidia, others

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) on Tuesday said it will investigate Samsung’s accusations against patent infringements by Nvidia Corp. and its partners. If the ITC finds Nvidia and its allies guilty of patent infringements, it may stop sales of their products in the United States.

The products at issue in this investigation are certain graphics processing chips, systems on a chip, graphics cards, computing boards, accelerator cards and modules, and processor modules and products containing the same. Among the defenders, apart from Nvidia, ITC named Biostar, Elitegroup Computer Systems, EVGA, Fuhu, Jaton, Mad Catz, Ouya, Sparkle Computer, Toradex, Wikipad and Zotac.

Back in September Nvidia accused Samsung of patent infringements. Nvidia said that Samsung’s Exynos system-on-chips based on technologies from ARM Holdings and Imagination Technologies infringe its fundamental graphics patents. The company also said that Qualcomm’s Adreno graphics cores and devices that feature them also infringe its patents. Nvidia demanded ITC to ban sales of numerous Samsung’s products in the U.S. ITC is investigating Nvidia’s complaint.


Samsung backfired at Nvidia in early November, when it accused the multimedia chip designer of multiple patent infringements. The patents discussed in Samsung’s lawsuit against Nvidia cover various fundamental technologies, including memory controllers, cache control units, data buffering as well as chip manufacturing technologies. Within 45 days after institution of the investigation, the USITC will set a target date for completing the investigation.

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KitGuru Says: While the U.S. ITC is conducting two investigations regarding Nvidia and Samsung, it is obvious that the two companies will try to do everything to solve the disputes out of court. While it clear that Samsung needs to settle with Nvidia in order not to spend resources on this litigation, it is unclear what Nvidia needs from Samsung…

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  • Brandon Vega

    Samsung done fucked with the wrong innovator.

  • Chandler Keith Henson

    Nvidia sued first not samsung, as much as i like nvidia products i hope samsung wins this, freaking ridiculous as this is likely more because nvidia’s tegra products are not selling

  • Brandon Vega

    That’s not what I was talking about. Nvidia had the right to sue, Samsung did not. Also, The Tegra K1 is far more powerful than Samsungs Exynos.

  • Chandler Keith Henson

    did they? there patents they used a PRETTY broad, and it stinks of anti competitive behaviour. and of course they have a right to sue, companies often have patents with no intention of going after other companies UNLESS sued, it is a bargaining chip and protection in a lawsuit, its called a counter suit. yes but more expensive, hence why it has slow adoption especially in phones where the power it provides is NOT needed and not worth the additonal cost. also unless i am mistaken samsung did not design the devices, they just manufacture them in the same way almost every other ARM processor is manufactured, ARM Holdings designes the chips, other companies actually manufacture them. the question is who designed it? go after them, not manufactuers, they should not have to do a bunch of work to make or use a product. that should be the job of the designers.

  • Patrick Proctor

    You really think ARM designs their cores all on their own? Also, Exynos is Samsung’s own design. It just implements the ARMv8 Instruction set.

  • Chandler Keith Henson

    they are the ones who finalize the design, they should be responsible if it infringes patents, samsung certainly doesn’t design it themselves they just license and assemble it into a single chip

    yes but the GPU is a third party GPU not designed by samsung, currently Mali produced by Arm Holdings and licensed to partners, Arm should be responsible for making sure they do not infringe patents. as they designed it, also are these patents broad? sounds to me like they are patents that could prevent someone from making a GPU period, the thing is are samsung patents more important? and are the Nvidia patents even enforcable? what if they are FRAND patents?

    on a side not to Brandon, what makes you so mad about the counter suit samsung made.