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Samsung counter-attacks Nvidia with a lawsuit

Samsung Electronics this week filed a lawsuit against Nvidia and accused the company of infringing its intellectual property. It is believed that the company responded to Nvidia’s accusations of patent infringements that the company published in early September. Samsung accused Nvidia of infringing its semiconductor-related patents. According to a report …

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ARM: Mali graphics tech does not infringe Nvidia’s patents

Chief executive officer of ARM Holdings on Monday defended the company’s Mali graphics technology in connection to a patent suit by Nvidia Corp against Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm. The executive of the technology developer said his company will assist Samsung in its legal fight with Nvidia. Samsung uses ARM’s Mali …

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Samsung Electronics set to fight Nvidia in court

Samsung Electronics has announced that it would fight Nvidia Corp. in court and will not give up. The consumer electronics giant did not outline any special plans, but it looks like the company is ready for a long legal battle against Nvidia. Samsung said it would take “all measures necessary” against …

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