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Sapphire R9 295X2 price hatches on NewEgg – less than £900

When KitGuru Labs took the Radeon R9 295X2 apart and put it through its paces, one of the key questions that we couldn't answer with 100% precision was ‘Does it represent good value?' – no stores had stock when the review went up. With the latest leaking on to the web, that question can now be laid to rest.

Press releases go out to the world with prices in dollars – almost invariably. AMD however told us the price would be €1099 which at the time directly translated into £910 — but we felt that was rather optimistic.

Brits have become used to a situation that we call ‘Rip Off Britain' where companies simply swap the $ sign for a £ sign and leave the digits the same. Even when factoring in 20% VAT, people in Britain tend to pay well over the odds.

No ‘Dividing by 1.6' for us. Nope. None of it. We know we're being cheated, but what can you do?

On that basis, even the strongest hint from a PR person that a product will be $1,500 or so, “Honest Guv”, is met with a wry smile. We believe it when we see it.

Just as we were cautious at the end of our in-depth 29-page analysis of the R9 295X2 card, back at the start of April.

Well a reader just sent in this screen grab from NewEgg which appears to contain a bit of a bargain. If it is not taken down or altered, then you can see it for yourself here. Right now, it isn't in stock, but no where else has one yet either.

How much would you pay for the fastest graphics card ever made?

£892.64 for this card is superb, but it is possible that Newegg have listed the wrong price. Overclockers UK have a series of AMD R9 295 X2's listed on preorder between £1,099.99 and £1,199.99 – which we would expect is more accurate. If Newegg sell this at less than £900 when stock arrives they seem to undercutting everyone.

Yes, in case you didn't know – Newegg are now shipping a lot of products to UK (and Australia) – see their April 2014 update here.

The company also claim the R9 295X2 is covered by Newegg.com's International Order Return Policy. Hopefully this won't change when stock is available.

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KitGuru says: Information from AMD at launch was €1099. We gave our analysis on the basis that it would sit between £900 and £1,000 – but the latest screen grab from NewEgg shows it to be less than £900 in Great British Pounds. Given that we think it's a winner even up to the £1k mark, anything less than that is a bonus. NewEgg is quoting a price in GBP for the UK market so, legally, this MUST include VAT – but we'll only know for sure when it comes into stock.

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