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Inno3D RTX 4070 Super Twin X2 Review

After reviewing several high-end RTX 4070 Super models at the beginning of the year, it has been interesting to assess the Inno3D Twin X2 model, given the fact it is very much a ‘back to basics' product.

Instead of delivering flashy RGB lighting, multiple BIOS modes, on-board fan headers or anything else, Inno3D has deliberately stripped things back with the Twin X2 – it doesn't even come factory overclocked!

That's not necessarily a bad approach though, as the cooler is still more than good enough to handle the 220W heat output of the AD104 silicon. Of course, it can't deliver temperatures as low as the Gigabyte Aero OC or the Palit JetStream OC, but that's because the Twin X2 is significantly more compact (a selling point in its own right) while it has one fewer fan. It's still more than a match for the cooling capabilities of the Founders Edition, while also delivering memory thermals that are 10C better.

It runs at a similar noise level to the Founders Edition, while gaming performance is pretty much identical between the two as we'd expect. The Founders Edition does benefit from the ability to increase the power limit, however, something which the Twin X2 lacks, so we weren't able to push frequencies as high when overclocking – but the real-world difference is only a couple of percent. If this was a premium-grade AIB card, that would be more of an issue to me, but as this is Inno3D's entry-level 4070 Super, I think it can be forgiven.

Of course, the price also factors in here, as the Twin X2 is listed for £589.99 here in the UK. That makes it just £10 more expensive than the £579 MSRP, so it is significantly cheaper than the likes of the Aero OC we mentioned earlier. At that price, I think it's a solid enough card. It won't blow your socks off, but if you want a cool, quiet graphics card that just works, with no fancy features or added complications, the Inno3D RTX 4070 Super Twin X2 will get the job done.

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  • Impressively compact.
  • Solid thermal performance despite the diminutive dimensions.
  • Runs nice and quiet under load.
  • As fast as the 4070 Super Founders Edition.
  • Only £10 more expensive than the 4070 Super's £579 MSRP.
  • Support for the full RTX feature set including DLSS, ray tracing etc.


  • Lacking more premium features, such as RGB lighting or dual-BIOS.
  • Power limit cannot be increased.
  • Design may be too bland for some.

KitGuru says: It won't blow you away, but if you want a compact graphics card that performs well, the Inno3D Twin X2 is a solid choice.

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Rating: 8.0.

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