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Exclusive Interview with Richard Huddy from Intel at GDC

So what about the developers who have flocked to GDC, what does this revolution in Intel graphics hold in store for them?

“Back in 2007, retail packaged games were a significant part of the market”, said Huddy. “The latest data we’re seeing shows that half the new game installations in North America and close to 85% of those in the Far East now fall into the Free to Play, Subscription, Advertising Supported type categories. In other words, there is no initial large purchase price”.

“Then you look at the active gamer market and you can see that Windows gaming on desktops and notebooks is far from dead”, he explained. “In fact, if you add together all of the consoles, tablets and Mac OSX devices together, they still only form a fraction of the number of active/monitised gamers that you will see on a Windows platform product”.

So Huddy’s message seems clear: The money is being spent in the Windows/PC space and the ‘new activations’ are going to games where they are free to play or, at least, very cheap to get started with – and this is where Intel is focusing.

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KitGuru says: Big thank you to Richard for taking time out from his waffles at GDEC to speak with us. While we don’t see Iris Pro destroying the need for high end Radeon and GeForce cards, it will help Intel take another chunk of the ‘Good enough’ market by delivering playable HD without the need for an add in card.

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