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Images of a custom Radeon RX 5500 have been spotted online

A plethora of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super leaks have been spotted online in recent weeks, it now seems attention is turning to AMD’s new Radeon 5500 GPUs after images of the XFX RX 5500 THICC II may have popped up.

Graphics card rumour specialists VideoCardz has released images of what is expected to be a new AMD Radeon 5500 from XFX. An anonymous source that provided these images did not clarify which SKU the card actually is. However, it is believed that this is potentially an XFX RX 5500 THICC II.

Videocardz presume the images best represent what they would expect the XFX RX 5500 THICC II to look like. “Judging from the design and timing, we are quite sure this is the RX 5500, as the card features THICC II design and a single 8-pin power connector” was written on their website.

Based on the images provided we have to agree with them. The card looks like it will feature a similar dual cooling fan configuration, as expected from a THICC II design. Connectivity looks like it will comprise of dual DVI ports, a single DisplayPort and HDMI port. The card features an all-black, full cover shroud sporting a curved design and integrated solid backplate with intake vents at the rear.

The AMD RX 5500 series will be a mid-tier card featuring 1408 RDNA cores with a clock frequency of 1845 MHz. The large cooler design on the potential XFX RX 5500 THICC II may allow the core to boost a little higher than reference designs. The AMD Radeon RX 5500 has been officially announced to feature 4 GB GDDR6 memory, with 14 Gbps effective speed and 224 GB/s bandwidth, over a 128-bit memory bus with a 150W power rating.

For now, that is all we know about the potential XFX RX 5500 THICC II. However, we will be sure to update you guys when more information becomes available.

KitGuru says: It seems like the mid-tier budget GPU wars are hotting up, both AMD and Nvidia look likely to be releasing similar performing cards around the same time if rumours turn out to be correct.

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