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AMD is reportedly working on the Navi 4x series, Navi 21 to have up to 16GB VRAM

Big Navi hasn't come out yet, but AMD is already working on their future generations of GPUs. Besides the rumour stating that Navi 21 will come in a 16GB and a 12GB variant, another rumour has also surfaced claiming that the company has started development on the Navi 4x series, otherwise known as Navi 41.

Besides affirming that Navi 41 is already in the works, the leaker @KOMACHI_ENSAKA has also stated that there will be a Navi 24 (possibly an entry-level GPU), two new custom SoCs called Stones (Genoa) and Mero, new product codenames including Raphael and Phoenix (both Zen 4), and the meaning of NV3X GCD/MCD (Graphics Complex Die/Memory Complex Die) that shall be used on Navi 31, which might be the technology used in the “advanced node” of the RDNA3 architecture, mentioned in AMD marketing slides.

With the launch of Big Navi coming later this year, some alleged specifications of the Navi21 GPU have started to emerge, claiming that it will feature a 512-bit bus interface and 80 compute units, totalling in 5120 stream processors. Another interesting rumour coming from Chiphell forum is now adding the memory configurations, stating that Navi 21 will be available in memory configurations featuring 16GB and 12GB of GDDR6, readying AMD to rival Nvidia's current and next-gen flagship GPUs.

Big Navi graphics cards are expected to release later this year, with November being the best-case scenario given that there are no orders to produce chips, as reported by AquariusZi on the PTT forum. AMD will probably start to sell the reference models before the company's AiB partners start to ship out their own.

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KitGuru says: With both AMD and Nvidia preparing to launch new GPU architectures, you might want to wait on buying a new graphics card. Are you curious about what Big Navi will bring to the table?


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