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Nvidia rumoured to announce the RTX 30 series on September 9th

Initially expected to be announced on September 17th, a new rumour suggests that the RTX 30xx series will be shown to the public on September 9th. It's not known which graphics cards will be announced and what their specifications are, but possible configurations have been rumoured, with the latest one being a 20GB model based on the PG132 board.

As per GamerNexus, board partners said that “RTX 3000 should be announced on September 9th”, a week before the first rumoured date. Nvidia hasn't confirmed the announcement date, but it looks like September will be the month when we will get our first look at the next series of GeForce graphics cards.

Rumours about the specifications of the upcoming graphics card have been heavily discussed on the Internet, specifically the “RTX 3080”, the “RTX 3080Ti”, and the “RTX 3090/Titan”. These three GPUs will be allegedly using the GA102 GPU on PG132 boards and come with 10GB, 11GB, and 24GB of GDDR6X memory, respectively.

The latest rumour, coming from wccftech, contradicts this information, claiming that instead of 11GB GDDR6X, the RTX 3080Ti will be equipped with 20GB. Other interesting things to note from this rumour are the boards, SKUs, vRAM capacity, bus width and release dates of each replacement of the currently available graphics cards, as you can see in the table below:

Board SKU Replaces vRAM Bus Width Release date
PG132 10 2080 Ti
 24 GB
384 bit
2H Sept.
PG132 20 2080 Super
20 GB
320 bit
1H Oct.
PG132 30 2080 Super
10 GB
320 bit
Mid. Sept.
PG142 00 2070 Super
 16 GB
PG142 10 2070 Super
8 GB
256 bit
2H Sept.
PG190 10 2060 Super
8 GB
256 bit

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