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AMD might still be working on a Navi 3X GPU using an MCM design

AMD has been rumoured to be working on a Navi GPU with an MCM deign for some time now, although some sources ended up contradicting this claim. Now this week, it has been claimed that AMD is still working on a Navi 3X GPU with an MCM design, but it might end up being a high-end workstation GPU, rather than something aimed at the gaming market. 

When we first heard about the Navi 31 GPU, rumours claimed the chip would feature up to 16,384 stream processors distributed across two GCDs, each with 8,192 stream processors. Unfortunately, this GPU might not come as initially expected. Instead, it should feature a monolithic design, packing 12,288 stream processors.

However, it looks like AMD didn't entirely drop plans to develop an MCM GPU. According to Greymon55, AMD will be releasing a graphics card using a dual-CGD architecture in 2023. RedGamingTech (via VideoCardz) added that AMD might be developing a Radeon Pro graphics card with the rumoured MCM configuration. This card would feature two dies, each with 8,192 stream processors, matching the rumoured specifications.

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KitGuru says: Although there are likely some MCM-based GPUs currently in development, it seems it'll be a while before this tech trickles down to the gaming market. 

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