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Asus and Acer laptop specifications hint at upcoming RTX 3050 and RTX 3050Ti

According to Asus and Acer laptop listings, Nvidia might be getting ready to launch two new GPUs for laptops. The listings show that there will be an RTX 3050 and an RTX 3050Ti GPU option for some Asus and Acer laptops, while also giving some details of these unannounced GPUs.

As spotted by @momomo_us on the Asus TUF Dash 15 specifications page, this laptop will be available with the RTX 3050Ti. Previously, in place of the RTX 3050Ti, there was the codename “GN20-P0”, but Asus has now changed the GPU to its commercial name.

Image Credit: @momomo_us

There's also a video showing the TUF Dash 15 specifications including both the GN20-P0 and GN20-P1 GPUs, which means that this laptop may also be available with the RTX 3050 as an option. As per the specifications shown in the video, both cards will come with 4GB of VRAM, therefore they should be using a 128-bit memory bus.

Acer also mentioned that the Nitro 5 laptop (AN517-41-R5Z7) will have two models with two unannounced GPUs. Acer's listing states the TGP of these GPUs is set at 60W, but considering how Nvidia's laptop GPUs work, so this is likely referring to the RTX 3050/Ti .

KitGuru says: What kind of performance do you expect from the RTX 3050 laptop series GPUs? 

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