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Disabling Dynamic Tuning on Intel Arc A350M increases performance significantly

Currently, Intel Arc powered laptops are few and far between, but slowly, these new mobile GPUs are making their way into the hands of reviewers. Some early results for the Arc A350M have been somewhat disappointing, but it turns out that early testers may have been limiting performance. After retesting the A350M with the latest drivers, one user found that Intel's Dynamic Tuning Technology could be heavily limiting the GPU's performance. 

For those who don't know, DTT is an Intel technology that works much like AMD SmartShift and NVIDIA Dynamic Boost, dynamically allocating power to the CPU and GPU to maximise performance and battery life. This technology, however, doesn't seem to be working properly, according to the data shared in the video.

YouTuber BullsLab Benchmarks (via Wccftech) compared the performance of six games with DTT enabled and disabled and found out that games run much better with the feature switched off. In some games, like Overwatch, performance more than doubled, but in general, disabling DTT offered a 60-80% performance boost. Even with DTT disabled, the GPU ran within its power spec (30W).

Now that this information is widely known, all that's left to do is compare the Intel A350M/370M with other entry-level mobile GPUs, but this time, with DTT disabled. It is also possible that Intel is having some early issues with its discrete GPU drivers and new features, so perhaps DTT will be improved down the line.

KitGuru says: Intel hasn't said whether or not Dynamic Tuning Technology is currently bugged, but based on these results, it seems that there is more work to do here. 

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