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Intel Arc A350M laptop GPU is on par with Nvidia GTX 1650 in 3DMark tests

Intel only officially announced the Arc mobile GPU series a couple of days ago, but someone has already tested the entry-level A350M on 3DMark Firestrike and Time Spy. Based on the benchmark results, Intel's new mobile GPU seems on par with the Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q, matching some early rumours about its performance.

The results were shared by @harukaze5719, who stated the system featuring the Intel GPU was a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro equipped with an Intel Core i7-1260P. In addition, the leaker posted pictures of two 3DMark Firestrike scores and another two with Time Spy scores, allowing us to compare the default and performance modes.

In default mode, the Intel A350M scored 6,876 points in Firestrike. However, this result increased to 7,318 points in performance mode. As for Time Spy, the GPU obtained 2,441 points in default mode and 3,147 points in performance mode.

Compared to other entry-level graphics cards for laptops (via Notebookcheck), it looks similar to the GTX 1650 Max-Q from Nvidia. In Firestrike, the Intel mobile GPU is 6% slower. However, the roles are reversed in Time Spy, with Intel's GPU coming out on top by 6%.

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KitGuru says: These are promising early results considering this GPU's low TDP. With Intel Arc 3 laptops set to roll out soon, we should have more performance data and comparisons in the coming months. 

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