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Latest Nvidia AD102 and AMD Navi 31 rumours suggest up to 500W power draw

This month, the rumour mill has been fixated on next-gen graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. While the rumoured Nvidia ‘AD102’ and AMD’s ‘Navi 31’ are still far from release, reports claim that power draw will be much higher for these next-gen GPUs, possibly reaching as high as 500W. 

The rumours put together by 3DCenter paint the Nvidia AD102 GPU as a power-hungry beast. Leaker @kopite7kimi claims it will require more than 400W of power, while @graymon55 claims it will need somewhere between 450W and 500W.

Reports suggest the Nvidia AD102 die (≅600mm²) will be smaller than that of the GA102 (628mm²), but it will pack about 71% more CUDA cores, increasing from 10,752 to 18,432. Another expected change will be the jump from Samsung 8nm to TSMC 5nm. Memory configuration looks similar to the GA102 GPU, using a 384-bit memory bus and GDDR6X memory.

As for the Navi 31 GPU, it’s also expected to be based on TSMC’s 5nm node, but the MCM (Multi-Chip Module) design will make the die size increase considerably over the Navi 21 GPU. The Navi 31 GPU is expected to feature 2 CGDs measuring about 600-650mm² together, but adding the supposed MCD to the equation puts the total die size around 800mm². Inside the Navi 31 GPU die, there should be 15,360 streaming processors.

According to Bondrewd, the Navi 31 GPU TBP will be less than 500W, with 3DCenter assuming it will be about 450-480W. Additionally, Chiphell user wjm47196 (via VideoCardz) claims that AMD has taped out the Navi 31 GPU and that a release in Q3 2022 is possible if everything goes well.

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KitGuru says: If these rumours are correct, the Nvidia AD102 and AMD Navi 31 GPUs are building up to be quite the graphics monsters. However, we are still more than a year away from seeing them, so plenty can change ahead of launch. 

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