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AMD will be at Computex this year, RX Vega confirmed to be shown

Update: Last week, we learned that AMD would definitely be heading to Computex this year, with the company's own panel scheduled to take place on the 31st of May. Obviously, we didn't know exactly what would be shown during the panel at the time but last night, Radeon Technology Group head, Raja Koduri, confirmed that the RX Vega would in fact be there.

During an AMA over on the AMD subreddit, Raja Koduri responded to a fan asking when the RX Vega would be available:

“We’ll be showing Radeon RX Vega off at Computex, but it won’t be on store shelves that week. We know how eager you are to get your hands on Radeon RX Vega, and we’re working extremely hard to bring you a graphics card that you’ll be incredibly proud to own. Developing products with billions of transistors and forward-thinking architecture is extremely difficult but extremely rewarding work.We’re working as hard as we can to bring you Radeon RX Vega.”

So, the RX Vega will finally be unveiled in just under two weeks time. However, from the sounds of it, the card won't be going on sale until later on in June.

Original Story: Computex is happening in just a few weeks time, which means tech companies all over the world are going to be preparing some announcements. Interestingly enough, AMD this week has confirmed when its conference will be taking place and if recent rumours are anything to go by, we should get some more news on the RX Vega and possibly even AMD's HEDT Ryzen CPUs, codenamed ‘Whitehaven'.

The conference will be hosted by AMD CEO, Lisa Su and according to the Computex invitation, ‘other key AMD executives' will also be there. There is no specific mention of Radeon Technology making an appearance but given that the RX Vega is due to launch any moment between now and the end of June, it seems like a safe bet.

AMD's Computex 2017 conference will be taking place on the 31st of May between 10AM and 11AM in Taipei, Taiwan.

Aside from Vega, there have also been some leaks recently regarding AMD's X399 plans, which may include new 16C/32T Ryzen CPUs. There is also talk of Intel showing off Skylake-X during Computex, so it could be quite a big year for the show.

KitGuru Says: If the leaks and rumours are anything to go by, Computex is shaping up to be quite exciting this year. I'll be hoping for an RX Vega announcement, after all, we do need some renewed competition in the high-end GPU market.

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  1. Too late AMD, too damned late……I waited and waited….and waited and saved and waited and saved and waited and in the end I thought screw it, Scan are doing a MSI 1080 Gaming X plus for £503 with £43 cash back. That’s just silly prices. I got 3 years out of my 290X and I expect to get at least that out of the 1080. I can’t see the Vega with HBM2 launching for much less than that or with considerably more performance but if it does good luck to them but I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

  2. @Matthew : 16C/32T 😉 16C/8T would … erm … mean some serious single thread performance? 😉

  3. yeah more than likely rx Vega will launch for $500+ while barely outperforming the 1080. Given miners and the thousands awaiting launch, there will not be enough stock anyway, Prices are going to immediately inflate like crazy.

    Although since it is using HBM2 and a launch card of a completely brand new architecture it will probably have good OC and MASSIVE driver headroom. Its an interesting card which is my main motivation to waiting out on upgrading from my 7950 lol.

  4. You caught me out there! Thanks for pointing that out, went right over my head. Should be fixed now.

  5. GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    You know what’s funny? If they released an unfinished product, you’d still obviously whine. Now, you’re whining about the late release, while they’re working so they don’t actually LOSE MONEY again. You brought this on yourself. Every consumer has. They have starved the company of money, and now every release is becoming slower and slower.

    Besides, it’s exactly as they said. They pushed back the release date once, and that’s it. Just because they want a smooth launch. If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame yourself and the consumers.

  6. Oh damn sorry I starved them of money I’ll cancel that order straight away and wait indefinitely with my 290X, I didn’t realise it was my job to fund them I thought that’s why they had shareholders. I thought my job was to provide the profit. I can’t provide profit on something that doesn’t exist…. Unless your suggesting I loan AMD my £500?? Or was I supposed to have bought the 390X=RX480=RX580 to end up back at the performance of a Overclocked 290X, you know just to keep helping AMD out. You my friend have absolutely know idea at all. Now I’m going back to watching Netflix on the AMD A10 laptop that I bought 5 months ago because I’m not biased…. I’m a realist.

  7. Np, we all make mistakes. Glad i could help out 🙂

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  9. Vega + 12c/24t Ryzen for me please 😀

  10. GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    “absolutely know idea at all”… i’ll let that pass, but oooh boi.
    you’re missing something. AMD has developed FAR superior GPUs a while ago, to the point, if market share was 50/50, no mindshare, no bias, nVidia would’ve died. as in, it would’ve been gone. but people bought nVidia even tho AMD was so much better. Geforce 400 series sold more than HD 6000. and we all know that 400 series is notorious for being hot. but AMD kept innovating, hoping to get another few buyers, but nope. after spending multiple millions of dollars, AMD kept losing market share. to GPUs that got to 105°C. they got starved of money. now, that they have a good thing going on with ryzen, they have to play their cards out well. what’s better – rushing out a GPU with terrible drivers, lower performance, high price AND low stocks, OR, just being fucking patient, releasing a GPU later, with good performance, good drivers, higher stock (of GPUs that take a LOT to manufacture due to the tech being new)…? What’s better, tell me please, oh realistic one. You may be realistic and unbiased, but you’re also, simply put, ignorant. you fail to see both sides of the coin. AMD is a massive company, and if you think they haven’t considered everything there is to consider, you’d be better off going back to primary school, mate.

  11. Cry some more about it, huh?

  12. Your post comes across as someone who spends a lot of time gathering facts and vitriol from forums and websites rather than experience. I’m pretty confident your quoting market data and figures without a clue what any of it means. You failed to address any of my points and completely ignored the fact that I have always had AMD cards and processors going back to Athlon Slot A and Intel long before that. On the GPU side I’ve had just about every ATI card released and about about 10 years ago was on a NDA answerable directly to Terry Makedon so it’s fair to say that I have a deep love of AMD/ATI but I can’t see them producing a card to rival the 1080 at a price point to match the current price of the 1080. I paid £450 for a heavily modified 11GBPS Twin frozr card, I game at 1440p it’s a no Brainer. If AMD spring a GPU equivalent of Ryzen from out of the blue I’ll consider selling the 1080 or putting it in my wife’s PC. The complete secrecy wins them no favors with press, consumers or AIB partners though.

  13. GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    My post doesn’t come off as anything. I don’t have time for dumbasses on forums that think Ryzen isn’t adequate *coughtomshardwarecough*.
    it doesn’t change the fact that your whining won’t change anything about the release date, and the fact that you’re whining about it shows that you don’t know how engineering these things goes. To develop a simple axle that goes into a car, takes weeks. Now, shrink the size from several centimeters to micrometers, make it much more complex, put yourself into a place where you can’t afford to make a single mistake or else you might go under, and do all of that while you know someone on the internet is bitching about release dates, while oblivious to the work it takes, you get stressed out. because you know that every second spent developing a better product is a second not spent selling the hardware, but an early release leads to massive issues. just look at the 7700k issue. It has been released months ago, but now, after a few months issues have started to appear. This kinda caused Intel’s stock to go down, ever since they said “don’t overclock the CPU we charge a premium for so you can overclock it”.

  14. What the hell??? Ok I’m out. I draw the line at centimetre axles designed in weeks, you beat me, I can’t compete with that.

  15. GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

    It’s not just about making ’em, it’s about calculating, making prototypes, testing and remaking in case of inadequacies.

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  17. AMD is about 10x smaller company with equally less (or even less) resources in comparison to Nvidia and Intel (both of which are much bigger).

    AMD did really great with Ryzen and they are releasing more updates for it to patch and improve upon it.
    Intel also had rough starts with its new platforms.

    In regards to Vega.. the delay is mainly due to HBM2.
    In reality, I’m actually disappointed that these delays occurred and resulted in a smaller bandwidth even compared to HBM1… however, that’s not the whole story… and we won’t know the full picture until the product is released.

    Also, the gaming version of top end Vega is estimated to cost about $600 (or £600) .. and that version is supposed to go up against 1080ti (and given what we know of professional version clocks and numbers, the gaming version was said to be even faster).

    It is possible that because of the VRAM delay, AMD is taking extra time to make Vega more competitive against upcoming Volta GPU’s.

    However, this delay wasn’t so much of a delay as it was expected.
    AMD did announce a release date for Vega to be Q2 of 2017… that still hasn’t changed to my knowledge.

    Nvidia also has a history of releasing top end products in very limited quantities before releasing gaming versions.

    In the end, the decision to buy a product or not is yours… once Vega is released for gaming (which should still happen in Q2),you can observe its results through benchmarks, etc and see if you are interested in getting it (you can always sell your 1080 in that case).