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AMD will be at Computex this year, RX Vega confirmed to be shown

Update: Last week, we learned that AMD would definitely be heading to Computex this year, with the company's own panel scheduled to take place on the 31st of May. Obviously, we didn't know exactly what would be shown during the panel at the time but last night, Radeon Technology Group head, Raja Koduri, confirmed that the RX Vega would in fact be there.

During an AMA over on the AMD subreddit, Raja Koduri responded to a fan asking when the RX Vega would be available:

“We’ll be showing Radeon RX Vega off at Computex, but it won’t be on store shelves that week. We know how eager you are to get your hands on Radeon RX Vega, and we’re working extremely hard to bring you a graphics card that you’ll be incredibly proud to own. Developing products with billions of transistors and forward-thinking architecture is extremely difficult but extremely rewarding work.We’re working as hard as we can to bring you Radeon RX Vega.”

So, the RX Vega will finally be unveiled in just under two weeks time. However, from the sounds of it, the card won't be going on sale until later on in June.

Original Story: Computex is happening in just a few weeks time, which means tech companies all over the world are going to be preparing some announcements. Interestingly enough, AMD this week has confirmed when its conference will be taking place and if recent rumours are anything to go by, we should get some more news on the RX Vega and possibly even AMD's HEDT Ryzen CPUs, codenamed ‘Whitehaven'.

The conference will be hosted by AMD CEO, Lisa Su and according to the Computex invitation, ‘other key AMD executives' will also be there. There is no specific mention of Radeon Technology making an appearance but given that the RX Vega is due to launch any moment between now and the end of June, it seems like a safe bet.

AMD's Computex 2017 conference will be taking place on the 31st of May between 10AM and 11AM in Taipei, Taiwan.

Aside from Vega, there have also been some leaks recently regarding AMD's X399 plans, which may include new 16C/32T Ryzen CPUs. There is also talk of Intel showing off Skylake-X during Computex, so it could be quite a big year for the show.

KitGuru Says: If the leaks and rumours are anything to go by, Computex is shaping up to be quite exciting this year. I'll be hoping for an RX Vega announcement, after all, we do need some renewed competition in the high-end GPU market.

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