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Intel and AMD are teaming up for a CPU/GPU bundle

It looks like Intel and AMD are getting into the holiday spirit with a new CPU/GPU/Game bundle for Christmas, before January hits and the two have to become rivals once again. This month, AMD Radeon is joining forces with Intel to offer a bundle that includes a Core i5 6600K, an MSI RX 480 8GB and two free games in the form of DOOM and Civilisation 6.

The intriguing part here is that this bundle might just be the tip of the iceberg as far as Radeon and Intel go, as earlier this week we learned that Intel may use Radeon technology for future integrated graphics.


This bundle was announced by Jason Evangelho this week on the Radeon Technologies Group blog. In total, the bundle sells for $450 and comes with a copy of Doom and Civilisation 6, with a total saving of around $170. In all, its not a bad deal, but it is a little weird to see Intel and AMD teaming up so close to the launch of Zen, which is set to directly compete with Kaby Lake in Q1 2017.

The deal runs right up until the 31st of December in the US.

KitGuru Says: It certainly seems like the GPU side of AMD is looking to work with Intel, rather than compete, which seems like an odd move given all the rivalry in the CPU space. That said, Apple and Samsung are also rivals in the tech world and they somehow manage to work together pretty consistently year after year. What do you guys think of the Intel/Radeon bundle?

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