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Latest Battlefield V patch adds DLSS, Combined Arms and other tweaks

It has been just over one month since we first learned that DICE would be adding Nvidia's DLSS technology into Battlefield V. At first, we thought that the update would arrive at the same time as the RTX 2060 launch but that did not come to fruition. Fortunately, the DLSS update is ready now and will begin rolling out this week.

The next patch for Battlefield V on PC will add Deep Learning Super Sampling support. Turning this on will bring a big performance boost over traditional AA methods, it will also net you back some of the performance lost by turning on ray-tracing- which is particularly important for less powerful cards, like the RTX 2060.

Aside from DLSS, this patch will also add four player co-op in a new game mode called ‘Combined Arms'. This mode lets you team up with up to three friends to take on eight PvE missions across four maps.

Expect some bug fixes and balancing changes to also take place as part of the new update. If you want to see what other games are set to support Nvidia's RTX features, then you can find our handy list, HERE.

KitGuru Says: We've been waiting to test DLSS in Battlefield V for some time now. It looks like we'll finally be able to start doing that for future RTX reviews going forward. Have any of you bought an RTX GPU already? Will you be testing out DLSS in BFV?

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