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New leak points to Radeon Navi performance, pricing and launch

We already have confirmation that AMD’s first Radeon Navi graphics cards will be heading our way soon. As is often the case with any major tech launch, some of the information has made it out ahead of time, with a new leak confirming the first two Navi GPUs, alongside pricing and a launch date.

The leak comes from Chinese outlet, Zhihu, quoting a Sapphire representative. The post has since been removed but the details have already spread. According to the leak, we’ll be seeing two Navi GPUs announced next week, one with a full ‘XT’ chip at $499, and a cut down variant at the $399 mark. Performance for the XT graphics card is described as being ‘stronger than RTX 2070’. The cheaper version will then compete with the RTX 2060 for market share.

Navi won’t have specialised hardware on-board to accelerate raytracing, which means that Nvidia will continue to have an advantage on that front. However, rumour has it that AMD is working on another GPU architecture for 2020, which will have raytracing-specific hardware.

The full announcement from AMD will reportedly occur on the 27th of May during Computex. Retail availability will then follow on the 7th of July. It is worth noting that AMD has previously said that it will be showing off its next-gen gaming products at E3 this year, so there is a little bit of confusion surrounding exact dates at the moment.

KitGuru Says: We’ve been waiting on Navi for a long time now. If all of these details do prove to be true, it won’t be long until we can finally see it in action.

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