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Nvidia has stealthily replaced the Titan X with an upgraded Titan Xp

Well there were certainly no leaks about this. Today, it seems that Nvidia has officially replaced the Titan X (Pascal) with the Titan Xp, featuring faster memory, more CUDA cores and faster clock speeds over the previous version.

For starters, the most obvious and immediate change to the Titan Xp is its memory. With the launch of the GTX 1080Ti, Nvidia started using faster 11Gbps GDDR5X memory for some of its GPUs. This memory is now making its way to the Titan-class card, bumping up overall memory bandwidth from 480 GB/s to 547.7 GB/s.

The GPU core initially rolled out on the Titan X was the GP-102, which is a cut down version of the GP-100 with fewer CUDA cores enabled. Nvidia has now fully unlocked all available CUDA cores on chip, bumping things up from 3584 to 3840. Finally, the rated boost clock for the new Titan Xp is 1582MHz, which is a tad higher than the 1531MHz found on the old Titan X.

While the new Titan does carry updated specs and an updating naming scheme, the cooling shroud is still branded ‘Titan X’ so from the outside, all three Titan X cards will continue to look the same. The $1200 price tag also remains.

KitGuru Says: This launch snuck up on us a bit as no announcements were made beforehand, nor were there any leaks. Nvidia essentially ‘shadow dropped’ a new Titan. Still, it makes sense given that Nvidia is upgrading some of its older GPUs with faster memory. 

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