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Nvidia launches RTX Super GPUs for laptops with new Max-Q upgrades

This week, Nvidia is refreshing its gaming laptop hardware with new RTX Super series GPUs and new enhancements to Max-Q. Nvidia is also looking to reduce the starting price point for gaming laptops, with GTX 1650 laptops set to be available for as low as $699 and RTX 2060 laptops occupying the $999 ‘sweet spot’.

Starting off with the two ‘Super’ laptop GPUs, you can expect to see RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2080 Super showing up in laptops this month. In terms of specs you can expect to find 2560 CUDA cores and an ‘up to’ 1380MHz boost clock speed on the 2070 Super. Meanwhile, the 2080 Super features 3072 CUDA cores and up to a 1560MHz boost clock speed.

Both of Nvidia’s new Super GPUs for laptops will feature 8GB of GDDR6 memory with up to 448GB/s bandwidth. Unfortunately we don’t have a starting price point for RTX Super laptops just yet, but we’ll hear more on that as OEMs begin to unveil their new models.

As previously mentioned, these new laptop GPUs also come with support for Nvidia’s latest Max-Q enhancements. Those include Dynamic Boost, Low Voltage GDDR6, Advanced Optimus, Next Gen Regulator Efficiency and DLSS support.

Dynamic Boost shifts power between the CPU and GPU based on the task at hand. So if you have an in-game frame that calls for more CPU power, then the processor will get an extra boost and vice-versa for the GPU. According to Nvidia, this feature can provide a 10 percent performance boost. It is also supported on Intel and AMD processors.

Nvidia is also using low voltage GDDR6 memory with its latest laptop GPUs, which frees up extra power to go towards GPU clock speeds. Combining that with Advanced Optimus technology, which saves battery life by dynamically switching between integrated graphics and discrete graphics, these new laptops should be twice as efficient.

Advanced Optimus now also works with higher refresh rate displays and G-Sync. As a result, we should see more 144Hz and even 300Hz gaming laptops made available this year.

Unfortunately, these new Max-Q features do require additional hardware support, so these upgrades won’t be coming to older RTX 20 series laptops.

We’ll have much more to say regarding RTX Super laptops in the near future, as our reviews team is already hard at work with the MSI G66 Stealth and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo.

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KitGuru Says: RTX Super is finally making its way into laptops, alongside new laptop CPUs from both Intel and AMD. Are any of you planning on getting a laptop upgrade this year? Will you be opting for a high-end Super-equipped laptop, or a cheaper GTX 1650 or RTX 2060 model?

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