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Over 250 games now support Nvidia RTX features, 12 more titles will add DLSS this year

Nvidia began making its big push for real-time ray-tracing in games back in 2018, with the launch of the first RTX series graphics cards. Over time, we've seen RTX features like ray-tracing acceleration and DLSS adopted by developers throughout the industry. Four years on, over 250 games now support RTX features. 

While Nvidia didn't have much in the way of new gaming hardware to show at Computex 2022, the company did give us some gaming-related updates. At this point, over 250 games and applications support RTX features, and over 30% of Nvidia graphics card users are now using an RTX GPU. DLSS specifically is available in over 180 games and applications, with 12 more games set to add DLSS this year.

This week, Hitman 3 finally received its big ray-tracing update, enabling ray-traced reflections and shadows, as well as upscaling features like DLSS and FSR to improve performance. Other titles getting DLSS, Reflex and Ray-Tracing this year include:

  • F1 22 – DLSS and ray-traced reflections, shadows and ambient occlusion.
  • Icarus – Nvidia Reflex.
  • Deep Rock Galactic – DLSS .
  • Loopmancer – DLSS and ray-traced reflections.
  • Warstride Challenges – DLSS and Nvidia Reflex.
  • LEAP – DLSS.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong – DLSS.
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic – DLSS and ray-traced reflections, ambient occlusion and shadows.
  • Turbo Sloths – DLSS and ray-traced reflections and shadows.
  • Propnight – DLSS.
  • Hydroneer – DLSS.
  • My Time at Sandrock – Nvidia Reflex.
  • Ghost – DLSS.
  • Soda Crisis – Nvidia Reflex.

Elsewhere in the gaming front, Nvidia has also teamed up with ASUS ROG to launch the world's first 500Hz G-Sync gaming monitor. A slew of new Philips OLED TVs are also now G-Sync Compatible, similarly to LG's OLED TVs.

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KitGuru Says: Hopefully later this year, we'll also have some good news for those looking to upgrade to a newer RTX series graphics card. 

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