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Rumour suggests Nvidia may use GDDR5X on Pascal GPUs

Nvidia is on track to launch its new Pascal architecture in 2016, with reports suggesting that Nvidia is already testing both its GP100 and GP104 chips. Now, new rumours circulating say that there will be a successor to GDDR5 video memory known as GDDR5X, which will début with some of Nvidia’s upcoming Pascal based graphics cards in addition to HBM2.

The GP100 GPU will be Nvidia’s next ultra high-end card, like a Titan or Ti-series GPU. The GP104 will be the next step up from the GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards. Rumour has it that GDDR5X will keep the same 256-bit memory bus, but the memory bandwidth will be increased to 448GB/sec. HBM2 will also be used, likely on the higher tier GP100 graphics cards, though this has yet to be confirmed.


HBM2 will include a 4096-bit memory bus, according to TweakTown, along with a 1GHz memory bandwidth capable of pushing 1TB/sec. Right now, this is all rumour so take this information with a grain of salt and keep an eye out for future information regarding Nvidia’s upcoming Pascal architecture.

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KitGuru Says: HBM has been in the making for years now, so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up to the newly rumoured GDDR5X. How many of you are currently waiting on new architecture from either Nvidia or AMD? Will HBM factor in to your next GPU upgrade? 

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  • GDDR5 has mature enough and HBM is new, it will be interesting to see how manufacturers will handle this

  • Kenny

    What’s the difference between GDDR5 and GDDR5X?

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  • mudi1

    GDDR5 is 32 bit wide while X version is 64 bit wide ,,,other boring differences too

    in short X version can give 2X more bandwidth when running at same clock.

  • Si C

    This is a pretty smart move imo. It’s obvious that HBM2 is going to be fairly constrained and NOT cheap

  • mudi1

    GDDR5 has data transfer rate of 8 Gbps while GDDR5X has 16 Gbps (giga bit/sec)…..

    in short GDDR5X will give double bandwidth as compare to original DDR5.

    Since HBM has supply issues so it will be quite cleaver move to use GDDR5X,,,, its cheap, no supply issues wat so ever, more capacity 🙂

    Micron is major supplier of GDDR5 memory chips.

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  • Tyrann

    GDDR5X makes sense for the lower end. I’m ok with just the higher models receiving HBM2

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  • BigJimbo

    Meh. The memory really is not the issue with GPUs, its all about the chip. Sure, better memory would be nice but I’m more stoked about the shrink down to 16/14nm rather than memory type.