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Micron comments on recent GDDR6 reports

Earlier this week, reports began circulating surrounding the existence of GDDR6 memory for future graphics cards. The news originated from news site, Fudzilla, which claimed to be in contact with sources familiar with the matter but it seems that right now, Micron is looking to squash any talk about GDDR6 …

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2GB GTX 960s to be phased out in favour of 4GB versions

Back in early October, we heard rumours that Nvidia may be preparing some changes to its budget line of graphics cards. More specifically, we heard that the 2GB versions of the GTX 960 would be phased out and discontinued in favour of 4GB versions, now it seems that add-in board …

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Rumour suggests Nvidia may use GDDR5X on Pascal GPUs

Nvidia is on track to launch its new Pascal architecture in 2016, with reports suggesting that Nvidia is already testing both its GP100 and GP104 chips. Now, new rumours circulating say that there will be a successor to GDDR5 video memory known as GDDR5X, which will début with some of …

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Evil Within to run at 30FPS, in letterbox

It's a bit of a shame that considering this generation of consoles was supposed to make developing games that were compatible with them and PCs, a lot easier, it seems to be leading to crippled ports. The hardware in them is near identical to a mid to low end gaming …

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