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Sneak peek at Acer’s £9000 120hz Curved IPS Superwide Predator 21x laptop

Last month, we had the chance to get a brief first look at the Acer Predator 21x, a one of a kind laptop featuring a 21-inch ultra-wide display. Now, we actually have one of these beasts here at the KitGuru office, so before we put up our review, we thought we would give you all the exclusive UK sneak peek!

For those who don’t know the Predator 21x is an absolute powerhouse. There is an Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake processor underneath alongside two GTX 1080s, all working together to get the most out of the 120Hz ultra-wide display. The display is IPS, though its resolution is only 2560×1080. However, when you consider the high PPI, the refresh rate and the fact that this is a laptop, 1080p ultra-wide is still very impressive.

You can check out LEO’s preview of the laptop in the video below:

KitGuru Says: While a laptop as expensive and chunky as this may not be a useful machine for most customers, it is cool to see what a company can do when they decide to just cram as much high-end hardware as possible into a single package. Stay tuned for our full review coming soon!

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