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ASUS GTX 1080 ROG Strix OC 11Gbps Review

The ASUS GTX 1080 ROG Strix OC 11Gbps is an excellent choice for consumers seeking a well-built graphics card with a highly effective cooling solution. This ASUS GPU had the lowest core temperatures of all 15 graphics cards on test, hardly exceeding 60 degrees Celsius even during prolonged usage scenarios.

Like the ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 A8G KitGuru has already reviewed, the 11Gbps model is a strong performer in all areas- noise, performance, power and temperatures, with a decent amount of overclocking headroom to spare as well.

Compared to existing models there is a price premium for the 11Gbps that will make most buyers think twice before purchasing. In general the ASUS GTX 1080 11Gbps is around £600 at the time of writing, which leaves it uncomfortably close to many GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards that can be had from £650 for buyers willing to shop around.

That price premium is also slightly concerning relative to rival GTX 1080s which tend to be closer to £500, including MSI’s GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus which also sports 11Gbps memory and a similar overall level of performance, cooling efficiency and features.

That said, the ASUS ROG brand has always come at a premium and prospective buyers do get a high level of quality and a number of innovative features for that extra money. Some of those features, like ASUS Fan Connect II, IP5X fans and Auto Extreme, have little real-world impact but are typical of the premium extras that ROG products tend to deliver.

Consumers guided by budgetary constraints will lean more towards rival GTX 1080 solutions, particularly MSI’s offering, though consumers looking for the best overall solution should consider the ASUS 11Gbps GTX 1080. The only real gripe, aside from pricing, is that the ASUS fan profile is perhaps too aggressive given how the GPU core temperatures are, though it still remains a very quiet graphics card.


The ASUS GTX 1080 ROG Strix OC 11Gbps is available to purchase from Overclockers UK for £589.99. ASUS provides a 3 year warranty with this product.

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  • Highly effective cooling solution.
  • GPU-controlled fan headers.
  • AURA RGB lighting.
  • Passive fan mode.
  • dual HDMI for VR users.
  • Decent performance boost from 11Gbps memory.


  • Overclocked frequency not high enough for the price point.
  • Fan profile should be less aggressive to account for the plentiful thermal headroom.

KitGuru says: ASUS delivers an innovative and high-quality GTX 1080 implementation with the faster 11Gbps memory, though it’s high price tag will make thrifty buyers think twice.


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Rating: 8.5.

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