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nVidia mid-range match-up, what should you buy?

Rating: 9.0.

Many nVidia fans will be wondering which card to be spending their hard-earned cash on. KitGuru lines up the competitors, points them toward the edge of the cliff, and drops the Labs’ white handkerchief.

Up until the GTX460 was launched, no one apart from hardcore NV-lovers were really interested in Fermi. Many journalists were surprised at the massive levels of power required and the pricing didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. nVidia went back to the drawing board. After several months of Jen Hsun beating his engineering and driver teams with broken bottles, we finally gave a very warm welcome to the GTX460.

While AMD has done a great job of competing in the mid-range market recently – this was, traditionally, the nVidia strong zone.

From the Ti200 and Ti4200, through the 5600 and 6600 cards to more recent times, nVidia unveiled generation after generation of winners in this market. You only need to look across at the statistics on Steam to see what we mean. Steam maintains amazing statistics about game users – and here you can see the movement from green to red from DX9 to DX11.

nVidia's mid-range classics like the 7600 have been replaced by the Radeon HD 5770.

Steam is 100% independent and the results you see are taken from a massive pool of data. nVidia’s challenge is simple. Follow up the GTX460 with something better than the GTS450. That card could be the GTX550, as long as it can beat off its brethren.

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  • Raymond E

    The £115 card seems like a good buy for the money. the other ones at 150 quid are just stupid.

  • Ned

    Shortest Kitguru video card review yet. Zardon taking a break ?

  • Samuel

    Not sure im sold on these cards, the 460 seems better all round, still. even if its a few quid more.

  • Dr. Lambchop

    most pointless nvidia release, evar.

  • Barry

    Their pricing is wrong, the lower end model is good value, would like to see overclocking etc and power consumption results. very limited review.

  • Manuel

    I read a lot of reviews about this card, and while its the price I normally buy into, the card hasn’t got me excited at all. Im holding onto my 450 until the next generation.

  • Nick

    Nice to see the slower version tested, thats quite a price difference

  • Seth

    At 145 its a waste of money, but at 115 its viable. thats such a huge price difference, seems way out. at 115 its more competitive.