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AMD RX VEGA – hit or miss?

Earlier this week Luke Hill reviewed AMD RX Vega64. Due to tight time constraints we didn't get our Vega56 review published in time, but its underway as we speak.Today Luke takes a look at VEGA at this point – the crazy prices, performance characteristics and the noise levels. For those interested – very soon we publish some tests and results we managed to run on the upcoming custom ASUS RX Vega card – but more on that later this week.

Most of the AMD VEGA cards seem to be sold out at this early stage, and our predicted pricing before launch of £450 (based on the $499 slides we all saw) was way out – prices seem to be closer to £600 this week. Hopefully they drop down again soon to something more realistic in the coming weeks or its a fairly hefty investment for the end user. Be sure to read Luke's review of the RX Vega64 over HERE.

KitGuru says: Where you one of the few to snag a VEGA card earlier this week? Are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments here, or over on our Facebook page HERE.

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