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AMD RX VEGA – hit or miss?

Earlier this week Luke Hill reviewed AMD RX Vega64. Due to tight time constraints we didn’t get our Vega56 review published in time, but its underway as we speak.Today Luke takes a look at VEGA at this point – the crazy prices, performance characteristics and the noise levels. For those interested – very soon we publish some tests and results we managed to run on the upcoming custom ASUS RX Vega card – but more on that later this week.

Watch via our Vimeo Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE.

Most of the AMD VEGA cards seem to be sold out at this early stage, and our predicted pricing before launch of £450 (based on the $499 slides we all saw) was way out – prices seem to be closer to £600 this week. Hopefully they drop down again soon to something more realistic in the coming weeks or its a fairly hefty investment for the end user. Be sure to read Luke’s review of the RX Vega64 over HERE.

KitGuru says: Where you one of the few to snag a VEGA card earlier this week? Are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments here, or over on our Facebook page HERE.

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  • Steven Morrison

    disappointed with it, looking forward to lukes 56 review – soon I hope?

  • Kris Noble

    Got my hands on a 64 water cooled model. So far my clock speed is running at 2000mhz and is hovering around the 65c point. I’m extremely happy with it and managed to pick it up from scans store the minute it went live for £625

  • Damien Mason

    The sad thing with pricing is that I’ve seen 1080 tis sit around the £650/700 mark, and with their superior performance I don’t think the gap is justified to currently go with the AMD RX Vega64 cards. Hopefully the market will stabalise a little more and people can experience true value for money soon.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    The price is just not right. Not sure who is to blame but I read in another site that just AMD had the low price just for a small amount of time and then increased the price themselves. A lot of conflicting info at the moment.

  • topdown

    We were all hoping for that but new article over at Techpwrup shed light on GDDR supply waning thanks to server and mobile putting upward pressure on video card prices for sure.

  • topdown

    Techpwrup shed light on GDDR supply waning thanks to server and mobile putting upward pressure on video card prices for now & future.

  • topdown

    Didn’t buy in. Would have but with price and power; R9 390 is realistically enough for me (1080p).

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    vega are not using GDDR but HBM2

  • MHzTweaker

    None of this is new or should it be a surprise to anyone. Next generations of tech usually are in short supply and pricey at introduction. I bought a Asus 1080Ti Strix OC the first week of release because my timing was good when they came into stock. How many times have we been through RAM or LCD price gouging/fixing in the last 30 years?? https://www.theverge.com/2012/12/5/3730586/panasonic-samsung-lg-philips-toshiba-tv-cathode-ray-price-fixing-ec-record-fine
    I get as excited as the next techno-nut when I want that shiny new gizmo. It feels good for a week or two until the either the price drops 20+% or an even shinier “thing” comes out obsoleting what I just bought 🙁 I’m sure VEGA is a fine card and I’m glad AMD is still able to compete at some level in the GPU market.