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HIS HD6870 ICEQX Turbo Graphics Card Review

The HIS HD6870 ICEQX graphics card is shipped in a rather bland looking box with the name of the product on the front.

Inside there is an installation guide, VGA adapter, power converter cables and Crossfire cable.

The HIS ICEQX is certainly an eye-catching card with an aqua tinted cooler – we are sure that some people will find this rather unappealing. The PCB is finished in a similar colour.

The cooler is a substantial 4 way heatpipe design, spilt into two sections of fins on either side of the card. The translucent blue fan is an 11 blade design with angular blades to help direct the airflow across the surface of the PCB and surrounding components.

The card offers dual DVI x2 connectors, an HDMI out and two mini displayport connectors.

The card is powered by two 6 pin power connectors and it is CrossfireX capable.

Once the cooler is removed we can see the PCB, which is a custom HIS implementation. HIS are using high grade capacitors with higher conductivity and less leakage. The cooler itself is a high quality design with four thick heatpipes transferring radiated heat into separate racks of fins on either side of the core.

GPUz screenshot highlights the massive ‘out of the box’ overclocks.

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