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MSI N450GTS Cyclone 1GB Review

Mafia II is a gritty drama which chronicles the rise of World War II veteran Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito will join the Falcone Crime Family and become a made man. There are 15 chapters in the game, connected into one storyline.

We testing: 1080p (1920×1080) with fullscreen: on, antialiasing: off, Anisotrophic filtering: 16x, Shadow Quality: Medium, Ambient Occlusion: on, Geometry Detail: Medium and APEX PhysX: Medium.

Our environmental FRAPS testing shows that the GTX460 OC is leading the pack with the Sapphire HD5770 Vapor X trailing slightly with the MSI Cyclone N450GTS a few frames per second behind. The HD5750 is firmly in last place.

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