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Sapphire HD 6950 Toxic Edition 2GB Review

The card is a great looking product, although it isn’t a dual fan solution as stated on the box. We checked with Sapphire and they are aware of the discrepancy. Nonetheless it is still a proprietary design and finished in an attractive black colour scheme.

The blue coloured magician is also featured on the cooler at the front, matching the PCB colour.

The card is Crossfire capable in 2, 3 and 4 way configurations, if your bank balance is big enough. There is a dual bios switch above the Crossfire connectors and we will look at this closer, later in the article. The board requires a single 8 pin and 6 pin power connector to operate.

There is a dual link and single link DVI port set to the right, beside an HDMI port and two mini DP connectors. Sapphire have extended the size of the vents at the rear of the card, to help enhance airflow and cooling proficiency.

Removing the cooler is a straightforward process and we are greeted with the bright blue PCB underneath. The cooler is a copper design with wider exhaust vents for improved airflow.

The card is overclocked to 880mhz core and 1300mhz memory. It is a Cayman GPU built on 40nm architecture with 32 ROP’s, 1408 unified shaders on a 256 bit memory interface.

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