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Sapphire Vid 2X Display Expander Review (with Macbook Air)

The Sapphire Vid 2X is undoubtedly an extremely clever gadget which will prove very useful to a wide audience of people. Unlike many adapters we have tested, the quality of the signal is very strong and it doesn’t lower the image quality of the external screens.

Sapphire have ensured the Vid 2X installation stage is hassle free, being a driver less design with full support across multi platform environments. If you own a Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating system then this device will work, without complex user intervention. Sapphire have created two different versions of the Vid 2X for DVI and Displayport based systems.

We tested today with an 11 inch MacBook Air with Mini DisplayPort out connector. All the cables required were supplied in the box, which was a pleasant surprise. The Vid 2X worked flawlessly with two 1920×1080 screens, and we didn’t need to change any of the switches on the device to extend our main screen across the external 3840×1080 real estate. I was particularly impressed to note that OSX cooperated completely with the Vid 2X, storing the (X/Y) positions of application windows upon restart, maintaining a complex work environment perfectly.

The Vid 2X takes all the power it needs from the USB cable. While Sapphire supply a dual header USB cable to compensate for low power ports, we only ever had to use a single port for operation.

For the audience reading this who have several monitors in the house and a small laptop such as a Macbook Air, then this device is a ‘Must Have’ purchase. It transforms the confined working environment from a modest internal resolution screen into a huge 3840px+ wide working environment. It would also be ideal for someone who requires only a single portable computer, moving quickly from three screens at home, to the single screen when on the move.

You can buy the Vid 2X now from Ebuyer. Remember there are two versions of the device, so make sure you buy the right one. DisplayPort version available here for £129.99. The DVI version is more expensive and is available here for £147.14.


  • Flawless setup.
  • Compact.
  • Multi Platform.
  • Great image quality.
  • Cables supplied in the box.


  • If you power from the computer, it takes at least one USB port.

Rating: 9.0.

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  • Francis

    very smart. and useful for macintosh owners. Good review thanks.

  • Davy

    I always wondered why people only made those USB driven dual screen things. this is a heck of a step up.

    Rather costly though, I think……..

  • Benjamin

    Excellent idea. I have a 13 inch macbook air and fancy the mini displayport version. Shall invest in one end of the month.

  • Thomas

    Well thats interesting. I know a lot of higher end laptops have a single display out HDMI, but this makes it all very different. I have a Dell machine, would it work?

  • Iain

    I think the pricing is great, for what you get. for many Apple users, the DP version will be a godsend, especially as you dont even need displayport screens !

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