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PMC-Sierra to bring SAS, NVMe storage solutions to OpenPower servers

PMC-Sierra has announced that it has joined the OpenPower foundation, which develops “open-source” servers based on next-generation IBM Power processors and Power architecture. PMC-Sierra will bring a host of innovative controllers for storage solutions with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and NVM Express (NVMe) interfaces to the new platform.

Participation in the OpenPower foundation will help PMC-Sierra to ensure compatibility of its storage controllers with the forthcoming infrastructure, which means additional revenue streams. PMC intends to sponsor a new I/O workgroup, along with IBM, Emulex, Qlogic and Mellanox. The company also joins the system software, hardware architecture, coherent accelerator architecture (CIAA) and open server development platform workgroups.

“Participating in the I/O workgroup with IBM and integrating our products into the OpenPower platform ensures that our customers have access to the latest cloud and big data storage technology,” said Kurt Chan, vice president of storage technology and strategy for PMC’s enterprise storage division.


PMC-Sierra is the first ultra-high-end storage specialist that joins the OpenPower foundation. As a result, the company will gain a number of benefits compared to its rivals who will join the organization later.

“OpenPower Foundation members like PMC will be able to add their own innovations on top of the Power processor technology to better serve their customers’ needs, as well as create new products to address new markets. PMC’s deep I/O expertise will benefit our collective efforts and further strengthen OpenPOWER’s growing ecosystem,” said Brad McCredie, OpenPower president and IBM fellow and vice president.

The OpenPower foundation is lead by IBM, Google, Nvidia, Micron, Samsung, Tyan and others. Many servers makers, including Hitachi, Inspur, Wistron and others also participate in the organization.

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KitGuru Says: Gaining PMC-Sierra is a huge win for the OpenPower foundation. Sophisticated storage is crucially needed for today’s servers, datacenters and big data applications, therefore, technologies for modern solid-state storage from PMC will greatly help the organization and its members to build sophisticated server platforms.

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