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Shocked by SSD pricing? Maybe it’s time to upgrade

Across the world, millions of people will have picked up a new PC around Christmas. Some will have been presents and others will have been work-place replacements. Whatever the reason, should you use it ‘as is’ or reach straight for the most fundamental upgrade there is?

Should you spend some of granny’s Xmas money on an SSD? Let’s power up the VideoScope and see what’s what.

Roll the clock back on a few short years and the idea that a system could be built without any need for a hard drive would have laughable. Even when Intel brought the first mass-market SSD drives to market, the price was still so prohibitive that most people lived without.

But now the price of SSDs is dropping, at a shocking rate, while the hard drive price has floated up, as a direct result of the floods in Thailand.

Here’s the latest thinking:-

KitGuru says: Whether you go for OCZ, Kingston, AData, G.Skill or one of the other major SSD brands, one thing is certain: It’s hard to do any other upgrade to a system which will have such a far-reaching effect. It won’t quite make your laptop into MacBook, but its close.

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